AC Technician Job Salary and Skills

AC Technician

There is no mechanical in keeping pace with the times. Which brings happiness and peace in people’s daily life. Again this happiness brings annoyance in peace when that instrument becomes useless. Friends, today we are going to talk about a job that is very popular today and is helpful for a hefty salary job. That device is called AC (air conditioner). You will find different types of jobs based on this AC. The most important of these is the AC technician. Today we will discuss the salary job and benefits of a skilled AC technician. Let’s get started.

Skills of AC Technician

You must be an engineer according to company law. For that you have to get a diploma or graduation certificate from any institution. Again one day the AC technician’s certificate for efficiency bears the slack. Because this work has to be done very seriously. Suppose a graduate AC technician can read and write everything and come to reality and show no more work skills. There is another class of AC technicians who are less in certificate but have more skill in their hands. So the skills of an AC technician are different all the time. This is not just about AC technicians but also about any engineering job.

AC Technician’s Workplace

If you are a skilled AC technician then you can do 2 types or 3 types of work e.g.

Company’s AC technician

You can work in any company according to monthly contract and company law for salary based work. At present almost all the companies hire their own AC technicians and hold different positions.

Private AC Technician

If you think you will work as a human or a home or personal AC technician then of course you can. Nowadays high class people hire you with good salary. That’s enough to run your family.

Independent AC Technician

By independent AC technician I mean you opened an AC technician center or shop. From now on you work as AC on contract basis in all sectors including home, office, court, private car, bus, company. So you can create an AC technician firm here, on the one hand you can earn income and on the other hand you are an independent person.

In fact, I have given only 3 examples. You can do exactly what you like. But of course you have to get good skills in AC. Moreover your wish will not succeed.

Salary of AC Technician

AC technician’s salary varies. Basically depends on their work. If you are a good skilled AC technician then your minimum salary will be  7000 monthly in any company. And if you are a private AC technician, your salary will be a minimum of $ 5000 to $ 7000. You can work as an AC technician in 3 categories

1. Salary of AC technician of the company

If you work for a company on a monthly or weekly basis, you will get a good salary. They will pay you monthly or weekly salary.

2. Salary of Private AC Technician

If you want to work through a private or a person, you will be paid well. But it depends on your skills, your needs and your job.

3. Part Time AC Technician Salary

If you want to work part time as an AC technician then you will not get paid. You will be paid on contract or work. Part time is the free time you have achieved something good by working AC.

Last Updated : 05/05/2021

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