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Accelerate your Career as a Bartender Reviews for 2021

Molly Maid

Molly Maid

Accelerate your Career as a Bartender ,Have you ever regarded a bartender jobs as an opportunity to make sufficient money? Then to inform you that it’s an occupation that is needed worldwide.

Pursuing the career as a Bartender

Bartending needs a wide range of skills. You will be having deep subject matter knowledge while performing your job. You can make decent money. You will have flexible hours and unlimited vacation days. It will give you more opportunities to meet new and interesting people.

What does a Bartender do?

They mix and serve alcoholic beverages according to customer requests. An excellent Bartender knows about mixology. He is capable of mixing traditional drinks and crafting creative cocktails. By mixing and serving quality cocktails, a successful bartender increases customer retention.

Duties and Responsibilities

Educational Requirements

You do not need any formal degree requirements to become a bartender. But many employers ask for a high school diploma or GED or a training program certificate. According to some state’s laws, a bartender needs certification or licensing to serve alcohol. Besides formal training, bartenders learn most of their skills on the job.

Experience Requirements

In general, at least a one year of bartending experience is required. You should have experience in a hospitality or food and beverage position. Your experience as a Waiter, Hostess or Front Desk Agent is valuable. Sometimes, entry-level Bartenders can start with no previous experience.

Working Conditions

Acceptable conditions or Qualifications

Flourish your skills

Training Requirements

You need minimum a high school diploma or GED for your educational qualifications. There is also Bartending School to earn a certification. If you are a fresher, you can have foods and alcohol handling certification from these schools. You can get training on complete mixology courses as well. It will help you craft different cocktails. However, every bartender receives their necessary trainings on their job.

Career paths for bartenders

In terms of career paths, bartenders get multiple options. And some of them work for years. They can perfect their trade and become highly sought after employees by this. But some gain knowledge about the restaurant and service industry. And then they become bar/restaurant managers and even restaurant owners. So it depends on you how you will choose your career path.

Salary Expectations

Salaries can vary from bar to bar. Depending on your experience, education and the geographical location, your pay rate may vary a lot. But you will make minimum income with tips. Te salary will also vary depending how many hours you are willing to work. And the level of success the bar has, the more you will earn. You will earn tips depends on the customers and how well you serve them. To add more, you will also earn for holidays and vacations. There is also a possibility that you won’t get taxed on your cash tips. Perhaps not even on your credit card tips depending on the establishment.

Look for job opportunities

The foremost condition for getting a job opportunity is having an impressive network. Networking will help you a lot to find a job that will satisfy your demand. So make sure you can communicate with people a lot. Your good communication skill will bring you success in near future.

So to be a bartender, just be confident and talk to a hiring manager. Just give it a try, but make sure you have some restaurant experiences first. This will become easier for you to get the ultimate financial freedom.

Last Upded : 03/04/2021

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