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Administrative Assistant

A nationally ranked food distribution corporation since 1922, “Shamrock Foods” gives its attention on the manufacturing and distribution of quality food and food-related goods. Shamrock Foods offers custom-made services all over of its business. Mainly a food distributor and food supplier, “Shamrock Foods” offers you amazing career opportunities in various positions. Probably you can get the chance to start your career with one of their companies.

The key purpose of the administrative assistant is to organize all the employees and activities smoothly in the company. If you want to work behind the scenes where you have to organize the prior tasks, then becoming an administrative assistant will be beneficial for you.

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

Office clerk, secretary, or receptionist is some other names of an administrative assistant. You have to carry out everyday clerical and organizational tasks as an administrative assistant. Your duty is to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

Organizing files, draft messages, schedule appointments and help out other staffs are some of the duties of an administrative assistant. Sometimes they may have to negotiate with vendors, buy supplies, manage stockrooms or corporate libraries, and get data from various sources. As an administrative assistant you should have distinct personalities. They are conscientious and conservative, logical, efficient, orderly, organized, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Capable of scheduling interview meetings for managers.
  • Ability to order products as well as coordinate shipments and mailings.
  • Knowing how to manage event outlines, run of show, supply lists, product coordination, etc.
  • Having knowledge of printing invoices, organize and maintain files, courier requests,
  • Recording shipment tracking, donation baskets and so on
  • Managing storage and track inventory of items
  • Providing information to callers as per needed
  • Capable of assisting scheduled business meetings including meeting arrangements, scheduling, lunches, equipment, and clean-up.
  • Having ability to order office supplies including printer cartridges, paper, shipping supplies, delivery driver,  stationery, business cards.
  • Composing and typing routine correspondence and making copies of correspondence or other printed materials
  • Completing other duties as assigned in an accurate and timely manner.

Educational Requirements

Administrative assistants typically have a High School Diploma or GED (General Education Degree) Bachelor’s degree. You will also need one year of related experience. Besides, many administrative assistants are highly proficient in with MS Office Suite. If you can achieve this, the position will be more secure for you.

Experience Requirements

A candidate for this position usually needs 1-2 years familiarity in working experience. You will need strong prioritization skills for this job.

Working Conditions

  • Normally you will have your own computer workstation, one telephone on your desk which you will rarely share with other company employees.
  • You will work indoors specifically in a typical office environment.
  • You have to communicate in person with a variety of staff members, company clients, and other visitors to the business.
  • You have to have accuracy in your job career and ensure all details are done.
  • You will have to organize most of your own tasks, priorities, and goals.
  • You will work usually in a quiet and low-stress environment.
  • You may need to work an average 40-hour per week.
  • You will find monthly and yearly deadlines that you must follow.

Acceptable conditions or Qualifications

  • Capable of working well in a fast paced, high pressure environment
  • Posses the ability to switch gears seamlessly
  • You must have strong people skills
  • It will be beneficial for you to have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Being a good planner to balance and prioritize work
  • You may need to be flexible to work the demands of the department which are subject to early or late hours, evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Being a person of detail oriented, organized and accurate in your work.
  • Being well-known with accounting principles, standards, regulations, laws and practices.
  • You may need to possess some skills to respond to difficult or emotional customer situations promptly and with composure
  • Being enthusiastic to work with different personalities.

Flourish your skills

  • You must possess an appealing personality is essential.
  • Possess excellent Customer Service skills:
  • You have to use your own initiative to ensure not distracting executive-level and management staff.
  • You must have problem-solving abilities
  • You will need a strong work ethic to complete all tasks required in a timely fashion.
  • As your most works will be computer based so you must have Microsoft Office proficiency including Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • You will need positive attitude and flexibility to be a good worker.
  • Capable of prioritizing your workload given a variety of duties with strict deadlines.
  • You must own excellent reconciliation skills.
  • Excellent communication skills are one of the key requirements for being an administrative assistant.
  • You must acquire the organizational skills for multitasking.
  • You should have basic mathematical skills.
  • You have to be a good listener in order to correctly accumulate details and figures from customers.

Career stance of an Administrative Assistant

At Shamrock Foods Company jobs all capable candidates can receive consideration for employment. And you will receive it without regarding any race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other basis protected by applicable law.

Being an administrative assistant is a hard-working job with good salaries. It’s a growing job field where you will learn in a real-world work environment. In the beginning of your job, you have to fulfill the usual duties. But, as you will elevate yourself with experience and education, you will deal with more interesting and different tasks.

Salary Expectations

As an administrative assistant, you will receive a handsome salary to fulfill your basic needs comfortably. Your salary figure will vary based on your level of experience and your education level. And it is good for you that ‘Shamrock Foods’ is always careful about their staff’s payment check and their necessities. You can easily grab this opportunity to work with such friendly environment and make a better career path for yourself.


If you think you’re ready to accomplish the challenges of an administrative assistant, then do apply for this position as soon as possible. It’ll be worthy for you to experience the working near me environment at the ‘Shamrock Foods’.

Last Updated : 04/04/2021

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