Best Bacon Grease uses2

Best Bacon Grease uses

Learn more about Bacon grease!

When we cook Bacon at low heat, the fatty part of pork, many bacon greases, comes out. Cooldown the liquid and see the crystal-clear fat. If you know bacon grease uses, you can use it to make other recipes. The smoky flavor of this fat may bring specialty to some of your food items. Please take out the fat properly and store it to use when you need it. In this article, I am going to show you some ways to use this thing.

What do you do with bacon grease? Some tasty recipes

You can use Bacon grease for various cooking purposes. Just keep your bacon grease container near your hand and use it. However, the following bacon grease uses may help you.

Use it as a substitution for oil.

Bacon fat can be used as a replacement for oil. As it is fat, you can use it for frying and some other cooking recipes. You may know that this oil is one of the flavored oils. Use it in your scrambled eggs to add flavor.

Greasing a bread or muffin tin

When you put your bread or some muffin cake batter on the plate, you can use your grease to grease the dish or tin. It would be better if you use a paper towel and use your finger. For this, use the covered finger into the grease and then wipe the skillet inside with it.

Roast your veggies

You can use bacon grease gravy to roast your veggies instead of vegetable oil. It would be better to pull the cooking pot out of your oven and then stir the veggies when the fat has melted.

Milk gravy

You can make your milk gravy using some bacon grease. Heat the fat in a large pot and then add two tablespoons of flour. Then cook it until it turns brown. Then add milk slowly and stir constantly. Cook until the gravy becomes thick.

Fry popcorns and burgers

Among other bacon grease uses, it is another fantastic idea to use it for any fries such as popcorns and burgers. It will add extra flavor to them. This corn is known as creamed corn. Add one tablespoon bacon grease to your corn while frying, and then make your popcorns.

Oven fries

For most of the over fries, you can use bacon fat. Spread some of them to the jelly roll pan’s bottom. Then keep some potatoes with kosher salt in the pot. Again, place some bacon grease at the top of the potatoes and cook them in your oven for one hour. It makes your potatoes tasty.

Magic Greens

If your kids do not like greens, you can try another way to make their dishes. Melt some bacon fat in the skillet and add some chopped garlic and pepper flakes. Until it brings aroma, cook them. Now add some greens such as spinach, kale, and cook them until they become soft.

Nutrition chart for Bacon grease

100 gm Bacon grease contains 897 calories of energy. Among them, fat is the main ingredient of it. It also has some sodium, and vitamin D. Let’sLet’s see the nutrition chart of this fatty thing. The chart is based on 4gm of bacon grease.

Total Fat4.2 g7%
Saturated fat1.7 g8%
Total Omega-3 fatty acids42.3 mg
Total Omega-6 fatty acids431 mg
Protein0.0 mg0%
Carbohydrates0.0 mg 0%
Choline1.8 mg
Sodium6.4 mg
Cholesterol4.0 mg1%
Calories38.1 mg2%

Bacon grease for a dog? Not a good idea!

It is recommended that you do not give bacon fat to your dog. If your dog gets a little fat from your floor, it is okay. We know that bacon grease contains a lot of fat, and it is rich food for a pet. If accidentally your dog takes a lot of this grease, there is a risk of pancreatitis to your dog. It impacts the digestive system of your pet.

How to dispose of bacon grease?

Bacon grease disposal is easy. When you cool down this fat, it becomes more challenging. So, when the grease becomes harden, use a rubber spatula to take them out. Bacon’sBacon grease smoke point is 325 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to clean up them quickly before getting harden, you can follow the quick method. Take a cup with foil. Then pour the fat into it when it is hot and liquid. Keep it to let it harden. Save the bacon fat and use it for various cooking purposes. Or you can throw it in the trash.

Some well-known companies in the USA sell bacon grease.

Now bacon grease is a popular item. Though you can make it at home, you can purchase it to save your time. So, to get the best one, you need to know the best sellers of best bacon grease. At most grocery stores, you will find this item in the USA. But the best quality bacon grease and its brands are available on online platforms such as Walmart, Amazon.

The best seller bacon grease companies at amazon are Bacon’sBacon’s Up, Hot Belly, Lard, etc. They sell bacon items and bacon greases.

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy just Bacon grease?

Yes, of course, you can buy bacon grease from the marketplace. Bacon grease is available at Walmart or some other online marketplace too. So, if you love them, easily purchase them online.

How long does bacon grease last?

You may be surprised to know bacon grease shelf life. At room temperature, it can last 2-4 weeks. If you keep it in the refrigerator, you can use it for a year or longer. So, properly freeze it to use it for a long time.

Is bacon grease healthier than butter?

It is easy and delicious to use bacon grease to make some dishes. But It is really an important thing to know how much it is healthier. If you are suffering from heart disease or have high blood pressure, bacon grease is not suitable. Both are healthy, but butter is more beneficial.


As a bacon lover, I think you are happy to know bacon grease uses. Try it instead of oil to make delicious foods and add flavor. You can visit to see the reviews and information about bacon grease.

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