Best Handheld Scanner Expert Reviews for 2021 | Pros & Cons

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Best handheld scanner is a type of scanner that is similar to a typical flatbed scanner and its working system is also the same as that. But the difference is it can be operated keeping in hands.

This type of scanner is so popular because of its physically handheld abilities and portability. You can go anywhere with those scanners and can perform any types of scanning works through them.

Best handheld scanners come with so unique features and options. Such as,

  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Can quickly read scanning documents and also barcode and QR code
  • Perform well even long-distance scanning operations, depreciated barcode
  • Identify repeated tags/codes
  • Can transmit scanned data with the multimedia transmission, Wi-Fi Bluetooth

What is the best handheld scanner in the market?

The demand for the handheld scanner is now increasing highly as people have to use different types of scanning acts like barcode and QR code.

Besides, it has so many advantages both for personal and business purposes. All sorts of business products have now come with barcodes.

Touch and mortar business sellers don’t have enough time to check the product’s price from its price tag. They use a handheld scanner to scan the product code and to get the product price quickly.

If you are in need of one of these best handheld scanners, then you must have to spend a big time to find a good one. Because of its popularity, handheld scanners are now manufactured by different manufacturers and they come with multiple features.

Well, we have monitored the marketplace deeply and come with some best handheld scanner products for you.

Tera Wireless Barcode Scanner

Tera Barcode scanners incorporate advanced proprietary features such as Nano waterproofing, and no-nonsense shock proofing.

With this best handheld scanner device, users can seamlessly select languages from among all European and Japanese languages. Its 1-megapixel scanning resolution is also higher than most other handheld scanners out in the market.

With all handheld scanner supports, this barcode scanner features,


  • No installation app required, just connect and use
  • Instant upload mode while using it with computers
  • Storage mode when using it out of the wireless signal range
  • Built-in memory
  • Automatic mode for quick scanning without pressing any buttons
  • Multiple keyboard language support
  • Supports code 39, UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN13, EAN8, Code 93, Code 128, ISBN/ISSN, Matrix 2 of 5
  • 4 GHz wireless, and USB 2.0 cable


  • Short reading zone

Tera 1D Laser Scanner 2-in-1

It is another best handheld scanner manufactured by Tera which is the most successful name in the field of handheld scanners.

Here are the key features of this 1D laser scanner,


  • Simple installation
  • Barcode scanner stand
  • Fast and accurate reading speed
  • Instant upload mode and storage mode
  • Shockproof Silicone cover for protection in falling cases
  • Transmit barcode via USB receiver
  • Transmit barcode via wireless
  • Built-in 1300maH rechargeable battery
  • 4G wireless and USB 2.0 connectivity


  • The reading zone is not so high
  • Need accurate line up to the image

Zebra DS2278 Barcode Scanner

The Zebra DS2278-SR cordless handheld standard range area imager kit includes a cordless scanner, cradle, and USB cable. It is a virtual barcode scanner, easy to use in business industries.

It has the ability to scan 2D barcodes and its lightweight balanced design provides maximum comfort, even in the most scan-intensive environments.

This best handheld scanner comes with some great barcode scanner like,


  • Good performance in both 1D/2D paper barcodes
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Great to use for retail and hospitality business
  • Don’t need to line up to catch imager
  • Easy to use
  • Only USB connectivity


  • No protector for falling case
  • Lacks wireless connection

Symbol LS2208 Handheld Scanner

This symbol LS2208 barcode reader is designed for general purpose and it can only decode 1D barcodes, and also GS1, RSS symbologies.

Its 650 nm laser technology creates a single line of light that can scan up to 100 scans per second. With the lightweight shape and scratch-resistant ability, this best handheld barcode scanner features,


  • 1D barcode scanner
  • The single line of 650 nm visible laser diode to scan barcodes
  • ADF for modifying barcode data
  • Able to scan from near contact to 17” away
  • 100 scans per second
  • USB connectivity


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Short reading zone

Zebra/Motorola Symbol DS9208

This is one of the best handheld scanners which you can use to scan any 1D or 2D barcode. You can easily use this handheld scanner from the printed labels in retail to mobile coupons, mobile gifts, loyalty cards, boarding passes, and even theatre tickets.

It comes with hands-free and handheld flexibility and industry leading scanning speed. Here are some key features of this best handheld scanner,


  • Handheld and hands-free modes
  • Spherical lens eliminates glare and reflections
  • 90 in/sec motion tolerance
  • Sleek design and small footprint
  • Supports for both 1D/2D scanning object
  • Contact to 10.5” scan range


  • No protector for falling case
  • Lacks wireless connection
  • pricey

NADAMOO handheld barcode scanner

It is one of the best handheld scanners that can read 1D/2D barcodes off-screen and paper. It comes with all the needed features a typical handheld scanner should have.

Here are all the key features of this scanner,


  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • CMOS scanning technology can identify blur, color, or distorted barcodes
  • Wireless and USB 2.0 wired connection
  • Instant upload mode and storage mode
  • Can store up to 10000 barcodes in offline storage
  • Manual trigger, auto-sensing, and continuous scanning
  • Can be used both software installation and without software
  • 2200maH battery


  • No protection in falling cases


NETUM 2 in 1 handheld barcode scanner

It is a 1D laser barcode scanner which is compatible with many different devices like laptop, computers and POS systems.

It includes a built-in 1300maH battery that is rechargeable and lasts a long time up to 12000 hours of scan life. That means you can carry it anywhere charging at once for almost two weeks.

The main features of this best handheld scanner are,


  • Easy installation
  • 4 GHz wireless and USB connectivity
  • Supports only 1D codes
  • Built-in 256 KB memory stores more than 2600 codes
  • Several language support
  • Built-in 1800maH battery
  • Instant upload mode and storage mode


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pricey
  • Lacks of reading 2D barcodes

Esup Laser handheld scanner

This laser system handheld scanner is easy to install, just unbox and use and can read only 1D barcodes.

It is designed not only with an adjustable stand but also with a comfortable handle for manually using. It has some good features that make it one of the best handheld scanner and they are,


  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Dustproof and water-resistant
  • Comfortable grip
  • Up to 200 scans/sec
  • Stylish design, easy to use
  • Automatic induction and manual mode
  • Angle adjustable stand
  • Reading distance of 2.5-600mm


  • Only USB connectivity
  • Poor reading distance
  • Can read just 1D barcodes

LS-PRO wireless Handheld Scanner

It is a good handheld scanner with a cost-effective price range which can be used for any barcode scanning purpose.

It features all the needed supports that one should have in such types of barcode scanners and you can say it as one of the best handheld scanners because,


  • Easy to use, no driver installation needed
  • Built-in 2200maH battery
  • Instant upload mode and storage mode
  • Stores up to 100000 barcodes in its storage
  • 4Ghz wireless transmission
  • Can transmit data up to 150ft distance in the open air
  • 650 nm laser


  • Scans only 1D barcodes

TaoHorse handheld scanner

TaoHorse USB wired barcode scanner comes with an easy installation process and is designed for wide use in the supermarket, warehouse, logistics, express, pharmacy, retail, bookstore, and library.

With an automatic scanning sensor and other barcode scanning features, this one can easily be compared with other best handheld scanners.

Here are some key features of this scanner,


  • Automatic mode for sensing and scan
  • 180 decodes per second
  • No driver installation required
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • 360-degree rotating stand
  • 5-600mm reading distance


  • Scan only 1D barcodes
  • Only USB connectivity
  • Poor reading distance


All the included items above are handheld and have the features you need to work with one barcode scanner. If you are searching for one of the best handheld scanners, this list will help you to choose one.

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