What Is The Best Police Scanner | Which is Best for you?

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We all know what a police scanner is, as they are so popular at present and are using widely by the common people. Though they are named as police scanners, its great usage of tuning and frequency catching made it popular among common people.

We commonly see this device in the hand of traffic police standing on the road. But these scanners also feature the chance of connecting them to the internet.

Simply put, a police radio scanner is a radio communication device that can tune, scan huge discrete frequencies automatically.

In other words, it is like a receiver that is designed to monitor VHF and UHF land mobile radio systems. Besides, this type of scanner can also tune FM, AM, WFM, etc.

Types of the best police scanner

Modern technology makes it easier to upgrade a system to get better features and options and police radio scanners aren’t behind in this trend. Where early scanners were slow, bulky, and too expensive to own such a device, modern microprocessor technology makes them faster, smaller, and cheaper.

Modern police radio scanners are way more updated than the older one and they are able to store thousands of channels and can monitor hundreds of channels per second.

Well, modern police radio scanners come with two different models giving the best opportunity to its user to make them feel better to use. They are,

  • Handheld police scanner
  • Home and vehicle police scanner shortly known as Desktop police scanner

Frequency basics of the best police radio scanner

Best police radio scanner allows users to scan radio frequencies and let them pick their favorite among thousands of available frequency options. Generally, people use it to listen to communication on frequencies.

You may be familiar with FM radios which allows you to listen to several channels using the dial option from 93.7 to 102.5 FM.

However, digital police scanners are typically operated in three modes,

Scan Mode

In this mode, the receiver frequently switches frequencies ordered of a fixed search for a frequency that someone transmits. In such operations, when the scanner stops at a given frequency, light or panel mounted displays indicate what channel or frequency is used.

On certain models, the frequencies can be pre programmed or adjusted individually in all models.

Manual scan mode

In this manual scan mode, the user needs to tap a button or flip a dial to directly shift one frequency at a time using pre programmed frequencies.

Search mode

Search mode is used to catch a given band by searching between two sets of frequencies. When users don’t know a specific frequency band in the area they are staying, they would use this search mode to find all the available frequencies in their area.

When users do a search in the searching mode, if they find any interesting channels that have stopped the frequency, they can store that frequency and can use it in scan mode.

What are the common features of police scanners?

Do you know the area you are living in is full of radio magnetic waves? Tuning into those magnetic airwaves for new and interesting transmissions has fascinated enthusiasts since the very earliest day of radio.

People are now commonly flipping into channels on their car, home, office through radios. There are different types of radio available and they come with different features to make the job easy for people.

Here are some common features that come in the best police radio scanners,

GPS capability

There are some police scanners which have GPS accessibility which allows users to pinpoint their exact location, loading new frequencies on their scanner even when they are in a car. GPS supported police scanners can automatically bounce in the frequency base on your move and the area you are staying in.

Alpha tag

Alpha tags are descriptions which consist of only 12 characters and are used to label frequencies and talk groups.

WX Button

This button works to receive the nationwide NOAA weather broadcast reports as it includes some factory written frequency to do the job through a mini-scan.

Search button

Using the search button, the user can start the scanner on a continuous loop between two frequency limits. It can automatically make a note of the displayed frequency or store it at that time. Manuals that are given with a new radio scanner shows up specific frequency addresses for different addresses.

Delay button

The delay button makes the scanner stall for a short duration on a frequency before moving to the next one. It helps the user to hear the other part of the radio conversation on that frequency.

Lockout button

Lockout button is used to disable the radio scanner from stopping on a stored frequency temporarily.

Close call/stalker

Rapidly detects and monitors frequencies close by. Can be used when out and about to pick up nearby radio transmissions

There are also some other features like a numeric keypad, lit keypad, record and playback, color touchscreen, headset and external speaker compatible, antenna, and so on.

What can you listen to with a police scanner?

Generally, most people buy a police scanner to hear local police or fire calls in their area. Although you are much more likely to listen with a police scanner if you want. Here is a list of frequencies you can catch with your police scanner device,

  • Road and street departments
  • Fire departments
  • Police ( legal police, county sheriff, state police, and highway patrol)
  • EMS/Rescue squad
  • Hospital
  • Railroads
  • Air traffic control
  • Military
  • School and universities
  • Malls and stores
  • Stadiums
  • Utilities

So, this is all you need to know about the best police scanner. According to the demand of people, radio scanners are now manufactured by different manufacturers. But if you really want to have the best police scanner in your hand or table, you can go for a Uniden or Whistler one.

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