Canon Photo Scanner Expert Reviews & Buying Guide for 2021

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A canon photo scanner is a useful device for both official and personal purposes. We need a scanner to scan anything like images, signatures, text, and so on.

Modern scanners come with so user-friendly features that make a scanner easy to use. According to the demand for scanners among normal people, there are so many particular company manufactured photo scanners nowadays.

Cannon is one of them, a photo scanner provides different shapes and weights of scanners for different purposes.

However, you need a photo scanner and you have to choose the best one to meet the best result of your needs. Here are some cannon photo scanner reviews that will let you choose the best one from those,

Canon DR-C230

Canon photo scanner
Canon photo scanner

If you are the owner of a small or home-based business and you need a scanner at a lower cost range, then the Canon imageFormula DR-C230 office document scanner will be the best choice for yours.

It is a sheet-fed document scanner that is designed for small office and mini-business activities. Its scanning capability is almost appreciable and a well-rounded collection of productivity software will help to do your scanning work smoothly.

As a small scanning machine, its optical character recognition system also works great. With a single USB cable connection with only one PC, it won’t be able to connect with mobile or multiple PCs.

It has an automatic document feeder that can hold up to 60 pages. The total thickness capability of pages is 2-8.5 inches in width.

The scanning speed of the cannon DR-C230 scanner is also mentionable. It can scan 30 one-sided pages per minute and 60 two-sided pages per minute.

Canon R40 office document scanner

Epson photo scanner
Epson photo scanner

It is an entry-level desktop document scanner that is good to use as a home base or small projects. This desktop document scanner is as accurate as fast in scanning and it comes with lightweight shapes.

To cover most types of business-oriented scanning tasks, it has a well-rounded software bundle. This neat and nimble and easy user interface scanner machine is around 9.6 by 11.4 by 9.9 inches.

Its weight is almost 6.2 pounds. You will find a 2.0 USB connectivity option at the back of the machine through which you can connect it with a single PC. But you don’t connect it with a mobile phone device.

Cannon R40’s automatic document feeder (ADF) can cover up to 60 pages and its maximum scanning capacity is 4000 scans daily.

This scanner includes the CaptureOnTouch feature that provides a huge useful option like allowing you to scan documents quickly and efficiently. It can also distribute documents to various nodes according to your management system.

The scanning speed of canon R40 is 40 pages per minute for one-sided documents and 80 images per minute for two-sided images.

Cannon DR-S150

Epson scanner
Epson scanner

Canon DR-S150 scanner is a medium sheet-fed document scanner that is well designed to use several industrial purposes.

Unlike cannons, another scanner model that is stated above, Canon DR-S150 comes with an integrated function and it lets you connect the device with your mobile phone.

It also supports several connectivity options including built-in networking. This easy to use scanner measures 9.5 by 11.5 by 9.8 inches and 7.4 pounds in weights.

Its ADF (automatic document feeder) can hold up to 60 sheets; the maximum scanning capacity is 4000 scans smoothly a day.

DR-S150’s control panel includes a color touch screen that provides access to several configuration options and up to 99 workflow profiles at the same time. The other controlling option comes with a simple toggle and the power button.

Cannon DR-S150 also includes a 3.2 USB interface that is a high-speed connectivity option. Besides, you also allow us to get gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking that will let you connect the device to your local networks.

The scanning speed of cannon DR-S150 is 45 pages per minute for a one-sided document and 90 pages per minute for two-sided images.

This cannon photo scanner is quite a bit pricey at all.

Canon DR-M260

hp photo scanner
hp photo scanner

The cannon DR-M260 is the best alternative scanner of this group if you want to deal with your busy official documents. This high volume sheetfed scanner is very good to use everywhere like financial, healthcare, government, and other industries.

With 9.1 by 11.2 by 10 inches volume and 7.5 pounds of weight, this scanning machine comes a little bigger and a few heavier than other canon image formulas.

This scanner has a highly accurate OCR system and you will be able to capture huge document scans with conversion software systems.

Canon DR M260 has limitations in its USB connectivity and it supports the 3.1 USB version. With that, you can easily connect it with a single PC but you won’t allow other network or mobile connection support.

With a minimum document size of 2 by 2 inches, it can also be usable for large-type documents at a maximum point of 8.5 by 220 inches.

And its automatic document feeder (ADF) can take up to 80 pages and daily 7500 scans smoothly.

The scanning speed is also impressive as you can scan 60 one-sided pages per minute and 120 two-sided images per minute.

Canon CanoScan LiDE 300


It  is the best scanner that you want to buy for your occasional scanning work. With a budget-friendly price and easy to use interface, this scanner simply catches the attention of occasional users.

Its scanning quality is a mentionable that is suitable for its price, you would get 2400 into 2400 Dpi that is almost overkill for most types of applications.

This scanner comes in a very light format 1.7 by 14.5 by 9.9 inches in volume and 3.6 pounds in weight.

With a 2.0 USB connectivity, you don’t have the option to connect this machine with mobile or any other network.

Its software bundle features options like color image scanner driver, IJ scan utility, ScanGear MP Driver. The IJ scan provides some important options like auto scan, document scan, photo scan, custom scan, stitch scan, and OCR.

Canon CanoScan LiDE 400

portable photo scanner
portable photo scanner

This is a flatbed type scanner with a dimension of 250×365×39 nm and the weight is 1.7 kg. The scanner performance is quite similar to Canon LiDE 220.

With a filthy and stylish design, this entry-level scanner is a high-speed transit also available for high-resolution document scans. One can easily catch it’s easy to use a five-button control panel on the front edge.

The scanning speed is around 7.5 pages per minute on one letter-size page. Its 2400×2400 image resolution is capable of displaying every single detail of an image accurately and vibrantly.

It allows USB 3.0 connectivity that is also compatible with 2.0 USB.

Canon imageFormula ScanFront 400

photo scanner
photo scanner

If you need a comparable and tolerable scanner at a cost-effective range, then you can go for canon imageFormula ScanFront 400. This scanner comes at the weight of under 10 pounds and the volume is almost 9.1 by 12 by 11.1 inches.

Its scan speed is about 46 pages per minute for a single-sided document and 95 images per minute for double-sided.

Canon scan front 400’s feeder capacity is 60 sheets and optical resolution is 600 dpi. It also features bleed-through reduction, color dropout, color enhancement, deskew, double feed detection, folio mode, long document mode, OCR text recognition, and so on.

Canon DR-M160II

photo scanner
photo scanner

Canon designed this scanner as a medium-size office capturing scanner but its scan speed and other features let it be capable of use for any type of official work.

The scanner is 7.1 pounds in weight and 9.1 by 11 by 9.8 at volume. It has only a connectivity option with USB.

As previously said, its scanning speed is as high as you can scan 55 pages per minute for a one-sided document and 96 images per minute for a two-sided image.

It features 600 dpi as its optical resolution, RGB LED light source, PDF/A output format, auto color detection, auto page size detection, auto resolution setting, character emphasis, and so on.

It supports USB 2.0 connection.

Canon DR-C240

best portable photo scanner
best portable photo scanner

If you are searching for a scanner that can manage the document scanning work of a small workgroup or home-based projects, then canon DR-C240 is perfect for you.

Its feeder capacity is 60 sheets and the weight is 6.3 pounds. It comes with a volume of 9 by 11.4 by 9.9 inches. This scanner features Virtual rescan (VRS), scan drivers, and two highly capable canon scan utilities.

It offers 600 dpi for the optical resolution that you can set for 200 dpi in its default program settings for documents.

You can easily scan 40 pages per minute for a single-page document and 78 ppm for two-sided image documents. Unlike other scanners, it doesn’t take much time when scanning searchable PDF format.

Its OCR system is so accurate also.

Canon P-208II Scan-tini personal document scanner


best scanner
best scanner

It is a good combination of some hardware and software that will let you scan all of your documents perfectly. It comes at 1.5 by 12.3 by 2.2 inches in volume and the weight is around 1.5 pounds.

As a tiny scanner, its feeder capacity is only 20 sheets but it will allow you to scan both sides of a page at the same time. With this scanner, you can scan plastic ID cards like driving licenses and others.

It offers 600 pixels per inch as an optical resolution that is almost enough for most types of documents.

The scanning capacity you can get with it 9.3 pages per minute for one-sided documents and 18.3 pages per minute for duplex scans.

It also has a TWAIN driver and you will be able to upload your documents to the cloud with it.

It supports USB 2.0 as connectivity.

The above list of canon photo scanners will help you to choose the best scanner out in the marketplace. Before buying an exact one, you should need to consider your purpose and the working capability of the machine as well. Read more

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