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CV vs resume are both expert files that could get you interviews, but they’re not totally the same. we’ll give an explanation for the variations between a cv and a resume so you can decide which one is pleasant to your job utility.

The biggest differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae (cv) are duration, content material, and what form of job each is used to apply for.

Although each are used to apply for an empty position, they’re no longer interchangeable:

What’s a CV?

CV is brief for curriculum vitae, which means that “path of life” in Latin. In the united states, cv’s are complete documents highlighting your educational profession, paintings records, and achievements. They’re also used completely to use for positions in academia or studies.

In case you’re writing an academic cv, you need to listing:

  • Courses and dissertations
  • Research initiatives
  • Attended meetings
  • Preceding academic positions (and non-academic work experience)
  • Instructional qualifications, along with GPA, predominant/minor, instructional stage (bachelor, PhD) and so forth.
  • Obtained presents
  • Professional affiliations (e.g., club of the ieee —institute of electrical and electronics engineers)
  • It’s no marvel that a CV can run on for several pages.

What to Incorporate in a CV:

  • Contact Information
  • Research Objective, Professional Profile, or Personal Statement
  • Education
  • Professional Academic Appointments
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications
  • Other Publications
  • Awards and Honors
  • Grants and Fellowships
  • Conferences
  • Teaching Experience
  • Research Experience / Lab Experience / Graduate Fieldwork
  • Non-Academic Activities
  • Languages and Skills
  • Memberships
  • References

What is a Resume?

A resume is a one or two web page summary of your paintings enjoy, key skills, and activity-related qualifications.

What to Incorporate on a Resume:

In assessment to a CV, a resume is used to apply for all jobs outside of academia. So the majority of people applying for a task ought to examine a way to write a resume as opposed to a CV.

Resumes also fluctuate from cv’s in that they consist of a abilities phase, which lists the professional abilities you’ve honed over your career. You should consist of masses of resume talents to show off your talents to the hiring manager. Just make certain they’re relevant to the task.

Another key distinction from a CV is that a resume education section is lots shorter. you handiest need to state your university, application name, and GPA (if it’s high).

If you’re still no longer clean on what a resume is, ensure you discern it out earlier than you start writing yours.

Distinction between a CV and a Resume

In lots of ways, a curriculum vitae and a resume are functionally the equal. As an example, they both summarize your paintings experience and schooling, whether or not for hiring managers or a faculty hiring committee.

Three key differences

Duration: A CV grows over your lifetime as you add new statistics, and might run over 10 pages in duration. Meanwhile, the common resume period is one or two pages, and most effective consists of your last 10-15 years of work enjoy.

Scope: A CV is an in-intensity examine your lifestyles’s accomplishments. A resume is a short precis of your maximum applicable paintings achievements.

Cause: CVs are used to use for educational roles or graduate college programs. Resumes are used to use for all other jobs.

Clean on the principle differences between a CV and a resume? Appropriate, now let’s have a look at each document in greater detail.

Resume vs CV (global differences)

Out of doors of the USA, the word resume is generally swapped out for CV. This has brought about a few global confusion, which we clear up in this segment.

Uk and europe

In maximum european nations, which include the UK and eire, “curriculum vitae” refers to the fast, one-page record you write for a job utility. Resume is a rare time period, but remains understood by using most hiring managers.

CVs for instructional positions also are referred to as CVs in europe. But, you may hear them referred to as educational CVs because it makes the meaning clearer.


Canadian organizations use resume within the identical way as american groups, possibly due to Canada’s proximity to the united states. Further, a CV is used to use for instructional posts.


In australia, CV vs resume are each used to apply for jobs. Resumes tend to be one web page, summarizing the primary highlights of your profession, at the same time as CV are round  to 3 pages and description all your expert enjoy.

New Zealand

Just like Australia, a resume is typically one page and a curriculum vitae is  to three pages long in New Zealand. Each are used to apply for jobs.

You might need to create each, on the grounds that employers will both ask for one or the other.An “educational CV” will be tons longer, as inside the us.

South Africa

South africa additionally makes use of the phrases CV vs resume interchangeably. However, resumes are more not unusual inside the personal region (like business or the carrier industry), even as a CV is used while applying for positions job in public provider or government.

When to apply a curriculum vitae (CV) vs a resume?

If you’re seeking a coaching or studies position at a university inside the us, use a CV.

The hiring committee will need to know as an awful lot approximately your instructional heritage as possible earlier than you decide, and the first-class way to speak this data is with a CV.

For every other positions (within a university or some other place), your schooling is less vital, so you have to use a resume.


To sum up the variations between a CV vs resume, in the us, a resume is a quick, one-page file you operate to apply for a process. A curriculum vitae is a specialized, multiple-page chronology of your professional and academic heritage, used ordinarily through lecturers like college professors.

Professors and teachers who put up a CV outdoor of America have to name their document an “instructional CV” to make clear what it’s far.

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