Florida Turnpike Service Plazas

Florida Turnpike Service Plazas

One of the most common road trips in the United States is a trip on Florida’s Turnpike. If you are traveling via car through Florida, especially to and from central and southern parts of the state, this beautiful four-lane toll road is a great option if you want to get anywhere quickly. High speeds and fewer stops than traditional highways make it very appealing for drivers who don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands.

Florida Turnpike Service Plazas Service & History

In addition to being an attractive route choice because of its speed, taking the turnpike also has other advantages over alternatives such as US Highway 1 or Interstate 95. This article will highlight all of these benefits so that you can see how much more convenient traveling down Florida’s Turnpike really is.

florida turnpike service plaza locations

One of the most popular reasons that people take a certain route or highway is because they think it will be a shorter distance than a different one – and in many cases, this may be true. However, when comparing these two major roads from Miami to West Palm Beach, for example, Florida’s Turnpike actually has fewer exits so you spend less time getting on and off the road. In addition, between each exit is beautiful scenery such as gorgeous forests and interesting flora and fauna. This makes driving north or south through central Florida much more enjoyable than taking US Highway 1 where there are no trees among which to hide all of the fast-food restaurants that seem to be at every intersection along its path.

Besides being shorter, the turnpike also offers a more diverse route. For example, there are more service plazas along Florida’s Turnpike than on US Highway 1. These plazas offer all of the amenities you’d expect at an interstate rest stop or gas station but on a much larger scale. Shoppers will appreciate having access to many more store options with restaurants attached while travelers who make this trip regularly can always know that they have plenty of choices for where to eat and get gas along their journey.

Florida’s Turnpike is both an extremely safe and convenient road for people traveling in south Florida or central Florida areas such as Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, and Miami. For these individuals, taking this beautiful side road makes the drive both more pleasant and shorter, too!

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florida turnpike service plazas catagory

  • Okahumpka
  • West Palm Beach
  • Fort Drum
  • Canoe Creek


The service plazas on Florida’s Turnpike Mainline are located approximately every 40 miles and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each service plaza offers a variety of dining options, gift shops, an ATM, public telephones, travel information, dog walks, Florida Lottery, and other amenities. Both men’s and women’s restrooms have to change tables, and each plaza has a family restroom. Nighttime armed security is also provided.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a coastal city in Florida. The weather is perfect year-round with an average temperature of seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a great place to visit or live if you’re looking for warm weather and sun all the time, but still want easy access to other cities like Miami and Orlando. There are many different types of things to do here from golfing at one of the two courses in town, biking on the bike path that goes around the entire city, or taking your dog for a walk at one of West Palm Beach’s dog parks!
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Fort Drum

Fort Drum, in Jefferson County, New York, was established to protect the American homeland during World War II. Today it is home to the 10th Mountain Division and serves as a training center for all branches of the military. This post will explore how Fort Drum has evolved over time and what role it plays today in protecting America’s freedom.
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Canoe Creek

The Audubon Society of Missouri has acquired a 72-acre property that will be restored to its natural state. The land, which is located in the Canoe Creek watershed, was formerly owned by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and used for agricultural purposes.
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