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Choosing a perfect printer for your need is a hard task at present because there are so many popular printer manufacturing company are available.

Among them, which one to choose as the best printer? You might check so many online portals and video to find the answer to this question.

If you do that, then you have now come to a destination of selecting one between HP and canon. Indeed, both HP and Canon are doing well in the marketplace.

You will find so many articles over the internet if you search the HP VS Canon printer. It proves that the competition is going so hard and equal as both of them are so popular among their particular fan base.

In this article, we also try to find out the best printer between HP and Canon. To get this, we have given some of the best printer reviews of HP and Canon below.

Let’s check some common printer issues to find,

Which one is better between HP and Canon?

It shouldn’t right to say any of them better without judging both of them.

However, HP users would say that HP is better while Canon users are almost the same. So, you can’t get the right solution by asking this to the particular printer users.

No problem, we are here to help you by comparing canon and HP printers according to some common printing issues, strength, and weakness.

Best printers should have features like quality type print for text and image, cost issue for print per page, ink cost, printing speed, etc.

What is the best HP printer to choose from?

Here are some best HP printers to make a sense of the comparison between HP VS Canon Printer,

HP OfficeJet 8015

This OfficeJet HP printer comes with a beautiful user interface and lots of features that make its users use it easily.

It is perfect for any type of business and capable to use for a high amount of printing document tasks. This color inkjet printer comes in a 3 1 form that means you will be able to do scan, print, and copy with this.

Its printing speed is also better, as it can perform 18 pages per minute for a single page document and 10 pages per minute for the duplex document.

A basic touch screen makes it easy operated and an instant HP ink subscription can help its user to save up to 70% of their ink cost.

This printer is almost 9.2 kilogram in its weight and at volume, it is 23 by 47 by 57 cm. here are some main features of this printer


Lots of features
All in one
Automatic document feeder
Auto duplexing
Wi-fi connectivity

Expensive Ink
Extensive design

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

It is HP’s other excellent all in one featured printer that is designed for small business and home-based working projects.

It comes with a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use and operate. With an affordable range of cost per print, this printer allows you to done your high number of documents tasks completely with its XL size cartridges.

But the size is too big that hampers to fit on desks sometimes. It supports USB 2.0 connectivity and the print speed is dependent on what you print with it.

With this printer, you can print almost 24 pages per minute for only text documents, 20 pages per minute for the color document, and 39 pages per minute for draft documents.

HP OfficeJet pro 9025 comes 26.4 lbs in weight and 12.5 by 17.2 by 26.4 inches at volume.

The printing resolution is 1200×1200 dpi for black colored document and 4800×1200 dpi on HP advanced photo paper.

Here are some key features of this printer to give a check,


All in one feature
500 pages of paper capacity
Good text print quality
Borderless printing
Competitive running cost
Unique, compact build

Small display


HP OfficeJet 250

HP OfficeJet 250 is all in one featured and comes with better output quality than most inkjets. With this exclusive HP printer, portable printing is just an option. You can do scan, print, and copy with this one single machine.

This printer comes in the lightweight form with 4.62 kg in weight and 14.96 by 7.8 by 3.6 inches at volume. Its paper handling is also good in that it can hold up to 50 letter width sheets.

Running cost per print is not cheap although, it takes 6 cents per black page printing and 15.6 cents per color page printing. Its high yield black cartridge can cover up to 600 pages and it is rated. And the high yield color cartridge is rated for 415 pages simultaneously.


10 sheet ADF
50 sheet input tray
High yield cartridge
Wi-fi, USB connectivity
Rechargeable battery
Deficiency in the USB cable
Expensive ink

What are the best canon printers to choose from?

Here are some best canon printers to make a sense of the comparison between HP VS Canon Printer,

Canon Pixma TR8550

Canon Pixma TR8550 is designed for small type businesses as the authority has managed all of the needed features of a printer that might need to a small business.

It includes a large touch screen that makes the printer easy to use and print quality is almost best with its five-ink system.

Its print speed is quite slow but you can manage this for its decent printing quality.

This printer features,


All in one
Ethernet and WI-fi connectivity
SD card support
Automatic document feeder
Borderless printing
Auto duplexing
Double-sided scan and copy

No front USB port
Costly cartridges

Canon ImageClass MF644Cdw

It is the best canon printer that is designed for small business and home use perfectly. It is a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and anyone can use it as a personal color laser printer.

The printer comes with 48.4 pounds in weight and 16.5 by 16.9 by 16.5 inches at volume. Here are some other features to check this exclusive printer,

All in one
Good print quality
Single-pass ADF
USB connectivity
UI portal and security

High running cost
Not expandable paper input capacity


Canon ImageClass MF445dw

Canon ImageClass MF445dw was nominated as the best printer of 2019 and you can’t get the best monochrome printing to feel with any printer like it.

This printer is specially designed for small and medium level office and workgroups to deal with their short document projects.

With 35.8 pounds in weight and 17.9 by 15.5 by 18.3 inches at volume, this printer features,

Single-pass ADF
All in one
Wireless connectivity support
Large and customizable touch control panel
Two input source paper capacity
The output quality isn’t so good

How to make comparisons between two different brand printers?

We have already checked some of the common HP and Canon printer features. Now, it’s time to compare those two brands according to some issues.

If you are here to decide which is the best between them, then make you sure that you are checking on this section here below,

HP VS Canon Printer comparison: Ink cost

In the print cost issue, the ratio says that canon takes 8.3 cents per page for printing while the HP printer costs 9.2 cents per page for the standard cartridge.

HP VS Canon Printer comparison: Print Quality

Print quality should be in the 1st position while giving priority to take a printer. But it is really hard to compare those two best printer brands in the question of print quality.

But experts would come to an opinion after checking both of them, and the result goes to the Canon printer.

HP VS Canon Printer comparison: Print Speed

After checking on two important printer factors to choose the best one, this is one last issue that you should check when you buying a printer for you.

If you are taking a printer for business purposes, then print speed facts a lot. Because in this issue, you should have a mind that, the faster one is going to be better.

In an expert’s opinion, it can be said that the Canon printer keeps itself ahead of HP. Canon printers have the highest printing speed of 9.8 pages per minute while the HP ratio is almost 9.1 ppm.


That’s all about HP VS Canon Printer we would gather to show you. From the above comparison between canon and HP printer, it is clear that the Canon printer is way better than HP. Read more



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