Koch Industries USA is Improving your Life by Creating Value in Every Sector

Koch Industries

It is almost impossible to think of any part of your life that is not touched by the Koch industries USA. As the second-largest private company in the USA, this organization is relentlessly trying to improve your life and create more value on it.

Thirteen may be unlucky for a few; however, it is the parts and parcel of Koch industry’s company in the USA. With thirteen companies, Koch literally becomes part of the everyday life of the Americans.

Georgia Pacific is probably the first one that will come to everyone’s mind. Moreover, there are other companies associated with the Koch conglomerate. They are:

  • Koch Ag Energy Solutions
  • Koch Engineering1
  • Guardian Industries
  • Koch Minerals
  • Flint Hills Resources
  • Koch Disruptive Technologies
  • Invista

Where will you find Koch in your life?

Koch is everywhere. In every section of your life. From massive petroleum exploration to tiny circuits in your smartphone, this company has its touch everywhere.


Koch industry is currently producing around 850-million gallons of Ethanol from its seven processing plants. Unlike conventional energy sources, Ethanol is much safer for the environment.

Koch is the fifth-largest ethanol producer in the US. The core value of ‘energy for tomorrow’ is the biggest motivation towards this leap for safer energy sources.

Digital Lifestyle

Do you know how many components are there in your smartwatch? Or on your smartphone? It is much easier to answer how many employees work for Koch industries USA. The number is 60,000. Around the globe, it is 100,000.

As the employee, Koch takes extra care to make delicate circuitry and components for the digital devices. Each time you push or click a button, Koch is there with you.

Glass Manufacturing

Along with transparency, glass brings durability in any structure. Koch manufactures high-performance glasses for cars, homes, and appliances.

If sunlight shines on the glass-covered high rises in your city, at least half of them are reflecting on Koch glasses.

Carpeting the Floor

Koch revolutionized the concept of carpeting the floor. Cleaning any stain on the carpet is a hell of a job. However, Koch makes it easy with the introduction of their signature Stainmaster carpets.

Now, life is much easier with these dependable carpets. The Stainmaster is continuously rolling out new products to meet the demands of the modern lifestyle.

Food and Agro

Koch has aligned the new edge of science with the century-long practice of farming. By the next three decades, the world population is expected to grow much larger than 7.2 billion. Besides, the demand for food will be doubled by 2050.

Koch is introducing new-generation plant nutrition for the farmers to grow more food. The approach is entirely eco-friendly and sustainable.


For the last five decades, CORDURA remains the choice of the US military for combat uniforms. This robust but flexible fabric can endure all the tolls on the battlefield. As a lightweight fabric, carrying the uniform and gears made with CORDURA is more comfortable with less effort.

Koch is developing the fabric for the other modern-day battlefields. Now, law enforcement and first responders use it for better protection and toughness.

Smart-Building Technology

Machines are getting smart, then why won’t the building? Koch believes it and has introduced the network-connected building lighting solution through Transcend. This technology saves energy and keeps the environment green.

You will get the right amount of light at the right moment with it. Most of the Koch industries USA headquarters use this technology.

Building Materials

Building products are getting modernized, and Koch is one of the leaders in this process. It introduces high-quality fiberglass, gypsum wallboard, and plywood through Georgia Pacific.

The use of these materials not only make your home durable and sturdy but also turns it into environmentally sustainable. Around the globe, Georgia Pacific has a broad market for these products.

Livestock and Meat

With the growing population, the demand for high-quality protein is also increasing. Koch is putting a significant portion of its effort to make animal protein accessible and affordable to people.

Koch maintains a vast 460,000 acres of ranchland to raise around 12,000 castles. Most of these heads are breeds that are famous for their tasty and tender meat. Throughout the year, meats from these ranches are enriching your dinner table or BBQ pits.

Fuel Economy Improvement

Providing environmental-friendly fuel is not the only solution to meet the growing energy demand. So, Koch industries USA is ensuring the efficient use of conventional energy for fuel consumption and less carbon emission.

Koch has integrated an aerodynamic system in the air intake grills of the vehicles. It boosted energy efficiency with 30% performance and 20% weight improvements.

The number of motor vehicles will reach around 20-billions by 2030. So, Koch is putting its effort to meet this demand with both sustainable energy sources and efficient technologies.

Medical Technology

Koch is contributing to improving life from every aspect. The agro and energy sector is making life sustainable, whereas medical technologies are ensuring better treatment for any ailment.

All around the United States, hospitals and clinics use high-quality surgical instruments made by Koch. These are made with surgical-grade steel and high precision tools.

Koch is also famous for intricate medical machinery like insulin pumps. This instrument plays a vital role in saving millions of lives affected by diabetes. Numerous medical devices use parts made by Koch.

In this way, the company is keeping its promise of improving life with better facilities.

Clean Restroom Tools

There is no way you can miss the name Georgia Pacific each time you get into any public restroom. From paper towels to soap dispensers, the name is almost everywhere. Moreover, the enMotion auto paper dispenser is also making its place in the industry.

With the introduction of touchless technology, Koch industries are ensuring the prevention of cross-contamination in the public health sector. Germ infection and cross-contamination can be reduced to 30% in public and common restrooms with the use of these technologies.

Paper Products for Kitchen

Life is busy and hectic. The luxury of using and cleaning glass and chinaware is not feasible now. So, Koch introduced Dixie paper products for the home and kitchens. These products are entirely eco-friendly due to their being made from recycling products.

Proper use of Dixie products ensures quick decomposition and minimum environmental pollution. Now, serving at the dinner table is much more comfortable and free of any cleaning hassles. It helps you to enjoy the time with family and friends a little longer than before.

Filtration Technology

Filtration may sound like a modest separation technology. However, the growing use of chemicals makes it an essential component for beverage sectors. The purity and quality of beverages like wine, milk, and water depend on state-of-the-art filtration technology.

Koch is working on sustainable filtration technologies to produce the purest beverages free from any natural and artificial contaminations. Water scarcity is a cooking problem on earth, and around 633-million people do not have access to fresh drinking water.

Road Construction

Koch is one of the leading asphalt manufacturers of the United States. Each time you hit the freeways, the contact between the tire tread and the road needs to be consistent for better mileage. It also ensures a safe maneuver of the vehicle.

The quality of the Koch asphalt ensures consistent contact with the tier and better construction for the roads. The use of the Koch asphalt in some of the major highways already cut down the accident rate significantly.

Next time, if you can feel the views of the road without any rough patches or bumps, be sure it must be the asphalt from Koch.

Let’s Sleep Now

The list of Koch’s contributions was long in your life. You must be tired and want to crush on the bed. Wait, Koch is there too for your comfort. The leading comforter, pillow, or mattress manufacturers use DACRON fiberfill for these.

This synthetic filler material is excellent for both comfort and balance. They are neither too soft nor too hard to create any discomfort on your body. On the contrary, these fillers ensure the right posture while you are relaxing after a hectic day.


The core value of Koch industries developed on the eight principles of Market-Based Management proposed by Charles Koch. About with his brother David Koch, he motivated millions of people to generate Good Profit and expanding the Koch horizon.

The annual revenue of the industry can be in billions, however, what they care about most about is the value they have added to the lives of millions. The introduction of technologies and techniques to almost every sector of life has improved the lifestyle of both the US and the world population.

There is no sector in life that Koch Industries USA has no contribution to. People rely on the standard and quality they have added in those sectors. Now, from the tallest skyscrapers to the tiniest electrical circuits, the company is making your life easier and healthier every day.

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