Kroger Benefits Portal

Kroger Benefits Portal

You are an American and don’t know Kroger – is it so?  If you have a day to the day shopping experience, you probably know this Ohio-based American grocer quite well. Kroger thrives as a billion-dollar group in the retail industry for more than a century. As a huge employer with 2,750 grocery retail stores over the US, Kroger is committed to ensuring the physical and financial well-being of their investors, employees, and their respective dependents. Kroger Benefits Portal is designed just to suit the purpose.

Well, at they have all the tools arranged in a smart array optimized for you to get an understanding of how your Kroger benefits work and make the best choice available.

How to Log In to Kroger Benefits Portal

If you wanna get a smooth experience of using, you must describe yourself to the portal correctly.

Describe Yourself Correctly

Choose the best options that describe your account’s state as registered. The categories available to define your account type are –

  • Current Kroger Associate,
  • Spouse or Domestic Partner,
  • Severance
  • Retiree,
  • Current Associate on COBRA.

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The portal also allows associates partnering with bargaining groups like Master Teamster, Puyallup or Chehalis to log in through it. But users having a separate benefit scheme, like those under the Taft-Hartley Health and Welfare plan, are considered to be covered by Collective-bargaining agreements. So, they need to contact their respective welfare company’s HR department for accurate updates regarding their benefits.

Fillup the Login Page You Are Redirected to

As you select your account category, you shall be automatically redirected to the Login page. You must know, each category has a unique Login page setup and requires a different authentication process. In common all the pages require the user to provide their username and password they have registered with previously. However, those who don’t have a Kroger Benefits account yet must gain access through the REGISTER page. This page doesn’t allow new accounts to substitute the registration process.

Key Programs for Health Benefits Include:

  • Savings Account dedicated for Health Issues
  • Provider organization chosen by users own preference
  • Any of the Kroger medical plans provide 100% preventive healthcare support their in-network
  • Scope of earning incentives when health screening targets are reached
  • Scope of receiving a matching contribution from Kroger in exchange for contributing pre-tax dollars
  • 100% Prescription drug bill coverage
  • The estimates covered by insurance equals the optimum cost of healthcare at centers of excellence
  • Includes premiere and standard packages of dental plans
  • A separate plan for eye care
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dedicated for Health care 
  • Fitness resources, including preventive measures, that guard your health prior to the diagnosis of any specific healthcare condition.

Kroger Money Benefits

You may be a spendthrift but Kroger Benefits care for your days of retirement too. It allows the facility of a 401(k) RSA (Retirement Savings Account) that gathers and invests each of your pence for your old age. Plus, Kroger Stock Exchange shares their profits allowing you to buy shares of as little as 3 USD per week. Other facilities included are life insurance and personal accident insurance.

Kroger provides Short term Disability Coverage at no cost to its associates with proven one or multiple disabilities. Those affected by traumas, like injury, severe illness, or inability to work i.e. pregnancy are supported by the Replacement Income facility. Another unique facility Kroger Benefits provide is the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA). It enables you to save your pretax dollars and invest them for the future of your children above the age of 13 or for dependents alike.

Benefits for Work and Life Safety

Kroger has partnered with MetLife, the worldwide reputed insurance provider, to offer group saving options. That means you can use your paycheck to pay simultaneously for the Auto insurance and Home insurance under the group scheme. Another remarkable feature of Kroger is the legal insurance, administered by a RAG that pays for legal service required on a routine basis. The scope of legal service extends to getting help with your collection defense or an IRS audit that you may face.

In addition, Kroger launched a joint venture with Magellan health services to ensure psychological wellbeing services through its Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Last but not least is the Associate Discount Program that enables you to get discounts on your grocery and jewelry purchase in the more than two thousand Kroger stores and receive coupon offers via direct mail. In addition to all these, you will find plenty more discounts on buying computers, laptops, mobile phones, mobile service plans, educational materials. Your vehicle purchases and buying financial investment plans will be in this countless list of benefits too.

Hotline and Call Center

Any queries regarding Kroger Benefits can be made and get a reply from the Benefits Service Center available on 1-877-373-3397 during office hours. Another hotline number 1-800-952-8889 allows you to get assistance with your Kroger associate account’s password 24/7.

  • last update: 22/05/2021

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