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To look for Maid Brigade Franchise Opportunity, you will often decide early in the process that you are better off providing a service than a product. In families where both parents work, the service for senior citizens or those in need can be a very stable and growing initiative were providing a maid service. If you know how to do it right so that your business really grows you will see if you own the franchise. The Maid Brigade is one of the established industries. I recently had the opportunity to meet with their owners and management and decided to pass on what I have learned about this organization, its management, services, and opportunities.

The Maid Brigade first provided its professional cleaning services in 1979. 1980 It became a franchise in 1980 and now has locations throughout the United States and Canada. These franchises offer both traditional therapeutic and custom cleaning services they offer silver cleaning, stove cleaning, fireplace cleaning, and cleaning as well as on or after going out. There are 379 franchises in the United States, and 75 in Canada. The Drunk Brigade has worked closely with the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to spread the word about the risks of drunk driving. The Maid Brigade is a community-minded organization with a very positive reputation. They want to start franchises in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

The Maid Brigade cleans a variety of dwellings, including single-family homes, apartment complexes, and condominiums. They strive for efficiency in their cleaning services and employ only the most reliable and trustworthy employees. A comprehensive recruitment process is followed and each manager will learn how to pick the best potential employees by eliminating the bad ones. Since they strive for excellence, slacking off is not allowed. Every employee must come to work ready to work and do a quality job for their clients. The demand for cleaning services is increasing due to the lifestyle of increasingly busy people. The growing number of double-income families is compounded by the fact that there is less time to spend on cleaning the house and more income to spend on paying someone to clean for them. It is a very lucrative franchise to start it and a very profitable I table maid brigade to maintain it prides itself on its good service and reputation. This is a good sign for any franchise


The maid brigade with the business of giving the right to vote in the maid service industry. This is the only industry where they participate. They are concentrating on this one service. They have been franchising since 1984; So they have passed the test of time. In addition, they are debt-free. They have more than 340 franchise outlets, including more than 100 franchise owners. (Yes, you can have multiple suffrages)


Don Hey and Bert Pruitt own the maid brigade Houston. The Don Med Main Brigade already has significant experience in the industry in both Canada and the United States. Burt has been president since 2005, rising to the role after his continued success in various capacities since its inception in 1984. They have a team dedicated to franchise development, franchisee support, training, and management. They also have an advertising committee for franchise owners and their franchise owners. Due to the Advocacy Council, franchise owners provide input for various activities and marketing issues, and improvements to the overall system.

Maid Brigade Franchise Opportunity
Maid Brigade Franchise Opportunity


Providing a cleaning service doesn’t sound like rocket science, does it? Well, just like any industry there will be good and bad suppliers and everything in between. In the case of the Maid Brigade Milwaukee, there is a really interesting difference builder between them. They provide their services without the use of any chemicals. These seemed far-reaching to me until they explained that they use a type of steam system that kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold, germs whatever. I don’t understand it, but it seems pretty cool especially if you have a family where you don’t want to introduce chemicals or detergents from more potential allergens say they are advertising that they are the only maid service that is green certified. It will have some appeal for a certain percentage of the market, I think.


Initial franchise fee -, $14,900

Total investment – $62 62,900 to $2 142,900

Ongoing royalty fee per.5 per cent – 6.9 per cent.

All in all, to start a franchise, one needs to have $100,000 in liquid assets and a total value of $17 175,000.

In addition to funding, you should have business experience as well as general marketing skills. The company provides tax training. With 5 days of training at headquarters and 5 days of training at franchisee locations, anyone can start a business. The company’s advisors provide guidance for the grand opening. Also, you can request ongoing training and support, including security procedures, meetings, newsletters, the Internet, security, a toll-free support line, etc.

The Maid Brigade Seattle Company ensures that all franchises are very profitable and run successfully. The company also takes care of publicity and advertising. Thus, one can expect expectations in terms of investment; If they follow the given training.

There are several factors that determine whether this is the right business opportunity for you. Your uniqueness, financial ability, determination, marketing skills, etc. will all be effective. It is essential to do your own proper work.

Did you know that more than 80% of all franchises fail and those who started their franchise end their years working to pay it off year after year? Learn how you can avoid high risk and start spending on a traditional themed franchise business.


The Maid Brigade reviews offer ownership of three different levels of suffrage. These all come down to market sizes that new franchises want to own and create. Of course, geographical considerations may limit reasonable access to the appropriate number of suitable families for larger business opportunities. For example, if there are only 10,000 eligible families in the city and nearby counties where you live, your first franchise will probably be their smallest offer if you do not want to relocate. Regardless of what size franchisee is purchased, the company provides important training in their corporate offices, an existing franchise location, and your new location on-site before starting your business. They have a resource site for additional ongoing training that includes a variety of materials including their operation manuals that you should expect to invest approximately $ 63,000 to 2 142,000. The number includes a few months’ working capitals and would be affected by the size of your defined territory, third-party spending in your particular geography, etc.

In response to these demands, numerous agencies have been set up to address this growing need for working girls. National chains such as Mary Maids and the Maid Brigade help families, parents and other homeowners find appropriate cleaning services to take care of cleaning concerns.


The work girls services offer regular maintenance of the home where clients may choose to clean the staff at specific times of the day for x number every day of the week. The maid services also help to clear on short notice in case of emergency.

The final word

Another chain maid brigade located below the RD in San Diego. I drove the location a few times and saw cars parked outside. The company is smaller than housekeepers and is also proud to call it “Green Clean Certified”. The office staff was friendly and provided home cleaning quotes over the phone. He told me how long they would clean up and how they expected it.

The mentor assists new franchisees by providing their knowledge and skills. There is ongoing support including newsletters, safety and security procedures, meetings, a toll-free support line, internet and field operations, and evaluation. Includes educational DVDs, a personal website, and advanced training. The Maid Brigade is dedicated to ensuring that all franchises are managed successfully and profitably. The company takes care of the ads and sends new ads and promotions to each franchise. The return on investment for the franchise is expected; As long as they follow the training given. Through ongoing support and training, each franchise can become very profitable in a short period of time.

Cleanliness arrived on time, worked efficiently, and in an integrated manner. The cleaners were great and addressed some of our specific concerns.

It’s almost ridiculous that we even had time to be able to do what we want in life. In this crazy crowd to do everything in 24 hours, people burn out or allow things. Like cleaning the house. There is not enough time left in the hands of more people to do more work to take care of the house and all other daily chores. As such, we see people tend to rely on housekeeping services these days.

It’s important when looking to start any business, especially considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to reduce or mitigate overhead and risk. Any business is going to be risky but it is important to have a complete idea about the amount of investment, initial cost, and “ROI” (return on investment).


What most people don’t realize is that 80% of all franchise attempts fail in the first two to five years, resulting in huge debts year after year.

Last Update:  03/04/2021

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