Best Paper Scanner Expert Buying Guide, Pros & Cons for 2022

Best Paper Scanner is an inevitable part of every office, school-college, commercial, and even non-commercial organization. They are used to scan photographs, texts, and documents by saving them in digital image format.

According to its great demand, scanner devices become the most essential documental equipment which needs to be kept in everyone’s home and office.

So, you are here to find some best paper scanner’s suggestions to fulfill your purpose. We all are describing here the same as below.

Suggestions for best paper scanner

The scanner comes with variations in price, system, and functions. There are many types of paper scanners that you find online if you search.

You could also find so many reviews related to the best paper scanner showing all the pros and cons, working ability, and other functions.

So, it is easy to find the best paper scanner with the help of the internet. Although, we have reviewed so many paper scanners and come to an actual decision to make the sense of the best paper scanner in the present marketplace.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Deluxe

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Fujitsu is a reliable brand name in the field of electronic accessories and their ScanSnap iX1500 deluxe is a good paper scanner to use for any of your documental projects.

This paper scanner comes with intuitive scanning features and its operating system is almost good. It has a large, easy to use touchscreen and powerful software bundle.

It directly supports google drive, dropbox to directly save scanning documents and it has Wi-Fi and USB connectivity.

The key features of this best paper scanner are,


  • Easy to use 3-inch touch screen
  • Can scan documents, photos, and business card easily
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Duplex scanning
  • Advanced paper feeding system
  • 30 ppm and 60 ipm scanning speed
  • 50-page automatic document feeder
  • Up to 600 dpi optical resolution
  • 1-year adobe acrobat dc pro subscription
  • Paper size 8.5×14


  • Don’t support Ethernet

Epson WorkForce ES-50

[wptb id=54537]

It is the best portable paper scanner that can easily scan extra-long pages, ID cards, and more. It includes an automatic feeding mode to combine multi-page scans into one file.

Not only that, you can create searchable PDFs and editable word and excel files. It also includes a TWAIN driver and only USB connectivity.

Here are the key features of this scanner,


  • Light single sheet-fed document scanner
  • Paper size 8.5×72
  • Smart tools to easily scan, review and save
  • USB connectivity
  • Searchable PDF with Nuance OCR
  • Provides scan to the cloud option
  • Automatic feeding mode combines multi-page scans into one file
  • 8×10.7×1.3 inches dimension


  • Only USB connectivity
  • No internal battery support
  • No memory card support

Brother DS-640

[wptb id=54539]

Brother DS-640 is a manual feed portable document scanner that will allow you to scan even when you are on the road.

With a standard outlook and at 1.5×2.0x11.9 inches volume, it includes TWAIN and WIA drivers, and scanning speed is also good enough.

Here are some key features that make it the best paper scanner,


  • Additional black and color scan
  • Fast scanning and processing
  • Less than 1 foot in length and 1.5 pounds in weight
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Automatic color detection and adjustment
  • Image rotation
  • Background removal, text enhancement
  • Accurate OCR
  • Easy to use


  • No internal battery
  • Don’t support wireless and mobile connectivity
  • Don’t include ADF, single pass, and two-sided scanning system
  • No bundled app for business card archiving

Epson Perfection V19

[wptb id=54541]

Epson Perfection V19 is an affordable easy to use scanning device which delivers 4800 dpi optical resolution. It supports a sharing system on clouds and it doesn’t require any warm-up time to get ready to work.

It also includes software for restoring image color, removing dust from images. It comes with just 3.6 pounds and 1.5×9.9×14.4 inches in volume.

The main features of this best paper scanner are,


  • Scan and share on cloud service
  • Epson easy photo scan software
  • Can scan the letter-size document in less than 10 seconds
  • Easy to use
  • USB connectivity
  • 4800 dpi optical resolution
  • Scans to searchable PDF format


  • No way to scan to editable text format
  • No applications

Canon ImageFormula R40

[wptb id=54543]

The canon ImageFormula R40 is the best paper scanner that is simple to set up, easy to use, and quickly converts many types of paper documents into searchable digital files.

The scanner is designed perfectly to use in the medium-sized home or office-based workgroups. Its weight is almost 6.2 pounds and 9.6×11.4×9.9 inches at volume.

Here are the main features of this best paper scanner,


  • Scan to searchable PDF format
  • Can easily scan receipts, photos, business cards, reports, contracts, and long documents
  • 40 page per minute and 80 images per minute speed
  • 60 sheet automatic document feeder
  • Easy setup
  • USB connectivity
  • Accurate OCR
  • Comprehensive software bundle
  • TWAIN driver


  • Don’t include network and mobile connectivity

Epson WorkForce ES 400

[wptb id=54545]

It is a compact, inexpensive duplex document scanner that is designed perfectly for both home and office purposes. This lightweight scanner comes with just 8.1 pounds in weight and 6.9×11.6×6.6 inches at volume.

With this scanner, you can easily scan business cards, receipts, extra-long pages, and so on.

The main features of this best paper scanner are,


  • 35 page per minute and 70 images per minute speed
  • 50-page auto document feeder
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Accurate OCR
  • Scan to searchable PDF format
  • 1200 dpi optical resolution
  • Easy sharing and collaboration system
  • Automatic file naming, intelligent color, and image adjustments auto-crop


  • Low OCR performance
  • Finicky document feeder

Epson FastFoto FF-640

[wptb id=54548]

Scan your photo collection in a whole new way with this best paper scanner and save your time and money. This sheet-fed scanner is mainly designed for scanning old photo prints.

Its single-step technology can provide you with a good scanning speed and you can restore faded photos, and upload high-quality images on the cloud.

The scanner is 9 pounds in weight and 8.1×11.8×8.7 inches in volume. Here are the key features of this scanner,


  • 1 photo per second scanning speed
  • Up to 600 dpi optical resolution
  • Able to scan multiple size documents
  • Scan text from the back of a print
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Career sheet


  • Pricey
  • Poor text scanning
  • Some functions need to be improved

Brother DS 740

[wptb id=54550]

Brother DS 740 is a great portable document scanner as you can use it anywhere you want. It provides fast, accurate, and ideal scanning results and it can scan both single and double-sided documents as well.

It also includes some great features such as,


  • 16 ppm and 32 ipm speed
  • Less than 1 foot in length
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Fast scanning and processing
  • Accurate OCR
  • Easy to use


  • Lack ADF
  • No battery
  • No wireless and mobile connectivity

Doxie Go SE

[wptb id=54552]

Doxie Go SE is a portable document paper scanner that scans paper, photos, and receipts without any computer. Its simple design and easy-to-use features make it the first choice if you are finding the best portable paper scanner.

Its ultimate volume is 12.25×2.25×1.75 inches and the device is lightweight so you can’t take any effort to carry it out. This scanner features,


  • Portable, no computer required
  • Up to 600 optical resolution
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Automatic contrast, smart cropping
  • Supports Dropbox, cloud service
  • Accurate OCR
  • Scan to searchable PDF
  • Include SD card


  • Don’t include mobile connectivity

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

[wptb id=54554]

It is another manual feed portable document scanner and it is the best paper scanner to use outside of your home. Manage your scanned documents with a ScanSnap organizer.

With this scanner you can easily scan business cards, receipts, other documents and also can view or edit scans, perform searches, and more. The main features of this printer are,


  • 10-page automatic document feeder
  • Up to 600 dpi optical resolution
  • 12 page per minute for a double-sided page
  • Simple overview
  • Easy to use
  • Scan to searchable PDF


  • Expensive
  • Small ADF

Hope the list of best paper scanners will help you to choose one for you. All of them are available on Amazon as you can make direct purchases from that.

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