How to Make your CV in English


About This Class
Hi, I’m Jon Williams of Native 1. I have been teaching Business English here in Poland for the past 10 years, and I have helped many of my students to prepare a CV in English.

In today’s job market around the world, a CV is one of the most important personal documents you can have. A CV or resume, is unlike most other forms of writing you have learned. It must be laid out in a very specific manner for recruiters and employers to quickly read and make a fast decision whether to move you on to the next step or not.

I am here to help. This course was designed for non-native English speakers, but in truth, anyone needing to write their CV in English can benefit from this course. This course will teach you the following:

– An Overview of the Recruitment Process

– An Overview of the CV/Resume and the different types there are

– The Elements of a CV

– How to write the Objective, Job Descriptions, and Skills Descriptions

– the Grammatical forms you will need to write the Descriptions

– Vocabulary for the Skills Descriptions

– Some tips for maintaining your CV long term

After you have finished the course, you will be ready to write and publish your CV in English, and I would love to see the results of your projects.


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