How To Start A Business In USA



Today I’m going to show you how to start a business in USA with 15 actionable steps…

These steps also included some small business ideas for you..

In fact:

As a business lawyer, I’ve assisted more than 3,000 entrepreneurs like you start their U.S. business without dealing with complicated legal forms, and I’m the only business lawyer whose service is backed by more than 2,000 5.0 Star Google Reviews.

If you’re interested in starting your U.S. business book your FREE call to discuss your options.

With a U.S. company, you will be able to:

Open a U.S bank account
Open U.S. payment processing accounts (like Stripe, Paypal, Amazon FA, and other online accounts)
Access the U.S. market and enhance the reputation of your company, both to U.S. customers and overseas
The good news is…

If you’re a non-US resident or non-US citizen, you CAN start a business in USA.

It’s not necessary to be a U.S. citizen or to be a U.S. resident or to have a green card to start an LLC in USA or a Corporation in the US

Non-US citizens and non-US residents can legally start a business in the US. To make this possible, you just need to know about opening a company in USA.

Click a section below to be taken to one of any of these actionable steps to opening a business:

  1. Decide which business type is right for you
  2. Decide where to form your LLCGet a Registered Agent
  3. Register your LLC or S-Corporation
  4. Get EIN
  5. Get a US mailing address (if necessary)
  6. Open a US business bank account
  7. Open a business merchant account to accept payment from customers
  8. Get business insurance (if necessary)
  9. Get an ITIN (if you’re a non-US citizen without SSN)Understand your tax responsibilities and file your
  10. taxes
  11. Keep your business and personal bank accounts separate
  12. Maintain company and pay annual fees on time
  13. Make sure you’re complying with city or county requirements
  14. Consult with a Business Lawyer
  15. How To Start A BUSINESS IN USA
  16. Business Guide FAQ


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