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Do you want to study, work, or retire in a new country?

Are you considering moving abroad in the near future?

Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about all the steps involved in moving to another country?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

How to Move, Live and Work Abroad: Start Your Expat Journey is THE course you need to get started planning your next move abroad! This in-depth course offers an actionable step-by-step walkthrough of all of the things you need to think about, prepare for, and complete in the months leading up to your moving date.

No matter where you are moving from and want to move to, you’ll come away from this course knowing exactly what you need to do to get ready for the next international chapter of your life!

Please note that this is the first course in a 2-part series on moving abroad and settling in a new country. This course is focused on the steps you need to take before your moving date. The second course in the series, “How to Move, Live, and Work Abroad: Settling Into Expat Life,” covers everything you need to do within the first year after moving to a new country.



  • Anyone interested in or considering the idea of moving to a new country – this course is not specific to any countries or reasons for moving, so people moving from and to anywhere for any reason will be able to get a ton of value out of it!
  • Soon-to-be expats who are already making plans to move abroad – even if you are already in the middle of making your moving plans, join this course to make sure you haven’t forgotten to add some important items to your to-do list!
  • Current expats looking to move to another country – it’s good to have a reference guide handy to keep you on track even if you have been through the painful and challenging process of moving abroad before!


If you’re looking for empty platitudes and generic information that won’t help you to achieve your international goals, then look elsewhere! Expat Empire courses are focused on providing useful, honest, and actionable advice to help students just like you to take their next steps abroad.

The content in this course is comprised of a mix of 1) your instructor David’s personal experiences and learning that you can apply to your situation and 2) thorough discussions on the lesson topics along with actionable recommendations.

Originally from the United States, David has lived in Singapore, China, Japan, Germany, and Portugal, and he will share all the tips and tricks he has picked up over the last decade in this course. Most lessons feature David speaking over presentation slides so that you can hear his advice and perspective while seeing the main takeaways to take notes easily.

In addition to in-depth videos on all these topics, most lessons include additional resources such as relevant blog posts, important takeaways from the discussions, and Google Sheets worksheets to help you implement the material taught in the lessons.


This course is separated into two main sections, 3+ Months Before the Move and Less than 3 Month Before the Move, so that you can refer to the information you need exactly when you need it. Ideally, you will want to make sure to complete the tasks in the first section before the 3-month mark prior to the flight to your destination and then tackle the tasks in the second section in the last 3 months leading up to your moving date.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine the lifestyle you want to have abroad and balance the cost of living with your budget
  • Understand how you can make money abroad and maximize your potential earnings
  • Gather the documents you’ll need for your visa application
  • Manage your money across countries and currencies
  • Help your pets have a smooth landing in your new country
  • Plan for the best education options for your children abroad
  • Save money on booking flights and your initial accommodation
  • Live a more minimal life by reducing the belongings you’ll take overseas
  • Deal with the hassles of postal mail and international shipping addresses
  • Prepare your phone numbers, SIM cards, and more so you can use them abroad

In short, you’ll be able to confidently go forward in your international moving plans with a solid understanding of the multitude of challenges you’ll have to overcome before moving to a new country.


David McNeill is the founder of Expat Empire, a company committed to helping people around the world to move abroad. Originally from the United States, David’s interest in living abroad began when he started studying the Japanese language at 12 years old. He spent a semester studying in Singapore in 2009, was sent to Beijing for a 3-month work deployment in 2013, and then permanently left the US in 2014 to live in Tokyo, Berlin, and Porto. He has also traveled to nearly 60 countries and is an avid scuba diver.


Expat Empire is focused on inspiring people to move abroad and helping them do it. In addition to producing online courses, the Expat Empire Podcast, books, blog posts, meetup events, and more, the company offers personalized consulting services to support people from all walks of life in moving to a new country. Expat Empire’s mission is to make living abroad a more achievable dream for people around the world.


Don’t put off your international dreams any longer! Enroll in this course today and start making your exciting overseas adventure a reality!


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