Psu Tier List and information

Here is Psu’s official tier list. The tiers are ordered from top to bottom. The higher the tier, the better the pokemon performs in PSU. Movesets are included for each pokemon where appropriate.

Please note that PSU is a very offensively oriented metagame, so if your favorite wall or defensive pokemon isn’t so good in PSU, don’t blame me! I didn’t make PSU. Enjoy the Psu metagame! And if you’re new to PSU, start with the OU section and work your way down.

Power SupplySeriesFormEfficiencyWattsModularPriceTier
Antec HPC – 1000High Current Pro PlatinumATX80+ Platinum1000WFull$197.991
 Antec HPC – 1200

High Current Pro
ATX80+ Gold1200WNo

Antec HPC – 750High Current ProATX80+ Gold750WSemi$157.99
Antec HPC -850High Current ProATX80+ Gold850WSemi1
be quiet! BN200DARK POWER PRO 10ATX80+ Gold550WSemi1
be quiet! BN201DARK POWER PRO 10ATX80+ Gold650WSemi1
be quiet! BN202DARK POWER PRO 10ATX80+ Gold750WSemi
be quiet! BN253DARK POWER PRO 11ATX80+ Platinum950WSemi$199.001
be quiet! BN254DARK POWER PRO 11ATX80+ Platinum1100WSemi$239.001
be quiet! BN255DARK POWER PRO 11ATX80+ Platinum1200WSemi$279.001
be quiet! BN600Dark Power Pro 10ATX80+ Gold550WSemi$159.901
be quiet! BN601Dark Power Pro 10ATX80+ Gold650WSemi$179.901
be quiet! BN602Dark Power Pro 10ATX80+ Gold750WSemi$199.901
be quiet! BN603Dark Power Pro 10ATX80+ Platinum850WSemi1
be quiet! BN604Dark Power Pro 10ATX80+ Gold1000WSemi$259.901
be quiet! BN605Dark Power Pro 10ATX80+ Gold1200WSemi$319.991
Cooler Master RS700-AFBAG1-USV700ATX80+ Gold700WFull$155.981
Cooler Master RS850-AFBAG1-USV850ATX80+ Gold850WFull$158.991
Cooler Master RSA00-AFBAG1-USV1000ATX80+ Gold1000WFull$174.991
Corsair AX1200Professional GoldATX80+ Gold1200WFull1
Corsair AX1200iATX80+ Platinum1200WFull$329.991
Corsair AX1500iAX1500iATX80+ Titanium1500WFull$400.641
Corsair AX760ATX80+ Platinum760WFull$145.981
Corsair AX760iATX80+ Platinum760WFull$187.981
Corsair AX850Professional GoldATX80+ Gold850WFull1
Corsair AX860ATX80+ Platinum860WFull$169.991
Corsair AX860iATX80+ Platinum860WFull$197.981
Corsair HX850iATX80+ Platinum850WFull$129.991
Corsair HX1000iATX80+ Platinum1000WFull$188.991
Corsair HX1200iProfessionalATX80+ Platinum1200WFull$257.061
Corsair RM750iATX80+ Gold750WFull$139.071
EVGA 120-G2-1000-XRSuperNOVA 1000G2ATX80+ Gold1000WFull$154.991
EVGA 120-G2-1300-XRSuperNOVA 1300 G2ATX80+ Gold1300WFull$154.991
EVGA 120-G2-1600-X1SuperNOVA G2ATX80+ Gold1600WFull$308.991
EVGA 220-G2-0550-Y1SuperNOVA G2ATX80+ Gold550WFull$69.991
EVGA 220-G2-0650-Y1SuperNOVA G2ATX80+ Gold650WFull$96.501
EVGA 220-G2-0750-XRATX80+ Gold750WFull$111.991
EVGA 220-G2-0850-XRATX80+ Gold850WFull$117.991
EVGA 220-GS-0550-V1SuperNOVA GSATX80+ Gold550WFull$59.991
EVGA 220-GS-0650-V1SuperNOVA GSATX80+ Gold650WFull$79.991
EVGA 220-GS-0850-V1ATX80+ Gold850WFull$99.991
EVGA 220-GS-1050-V1ATX80+ Gold1050WFull$144.991
EVGA 220-P2-0650-X1SuperNOVA P2ATX80+ Platinum650WFull$82.511
EVGA 220-P2-0750-X1SuperNOVA P2ATX80+ Platinum750WFull$106.671
EVGA 220-P2-0850-X1SuperNOVA P2ATX80+ Platinum85Full0WFull$130.671
EVGA 220-P2-1000-XRSuperNOVA 1000 P2ATX80+ Platinum1000WFull$177.991
EVGA 220-P2-1200-X1SuperNOVA P2ATX80+ Platinum1200WFull$229.081
EVGA 220-P2-1600-X1SuperNOVA P2ATX80+ Platinum1600WFull$339.991
EVGA 220-PS-1000-V1ATX80+ Platinum1000WFull$134.991
EVGA 220-T2-1600-X1SuperNOVA T2ATX80+ Titanium1600WFull$392.991
Firepower Aurum PT 1200wATX80+ Platinum1200WFull$252.491
FirePower MK IIIATX80+ Gold750WFull$169.81
Kingwin LZP-550Lazer PlatinumATX80+ Platinum550WSemi$192.041
LEPA G SeriesATX80+ Gold1600WFull$219.991
SeaSonic Platinum-1000PlatinumATX80+ Platinum1000WFull$192.041
SeaSonic Platinum-860PlatinumATX80+ Platinum860WFull$167.991
SeaSonic Snow Silent 1050ATX80+ Platinum1050WFull$202.991
SeaSonic SS-460FL2 Active PFC F3XATX80+ Platinum460WFull$110.981
SeaSonic SS-560KM Active PFC F3X SeriesATX80+ Gold560WFull
SeaSonic SS-860XP2PlatinumATX80+ Platinum860WFull$168.981
SeaSonic X-1050X SeriesATX80+ Gold1050WFull$166.981
SeaSonic X-1250X SeriesATX80+ Gold1250WFull$193.981
SeaSonic X-850X SeriesATX80+ Gold850WFull$142.991
SeaSonic X660 GoldX SeriesATX80+ Gold660WFull1
SeaSonic X760 GoldX SeriesATX80+ Gold760WFull1
Silverstone NJ520NightjarATX80+ Platinum520WFull$139.991
Super Flower SF-1000F14MGLeadex GoldATX80+ Gold1000WFull1
Super Flower SF-1000F14MP BlackLeadex PlatinumATX80+ Platinum1000WFull1
Super Flower SF-1000F14MP WhiteLeadex PlatinumATX80+ Platinum1000WFull1
Super Flower SF-1200F14MP BlackLeadex PlatinumATX80+ Platinum1200WFull1
Super Flower SF-1200F14MP WhiteLeadex PlatinumATX80+ Platinum1200WFull1
Super Flower SF-1300F14MGLeadex GoldATX80+ Gold1300WFull1
Super Flower SF-430P14FGGolden SilentATX80+ Gold430WSemi1
Super Flower SF-500P14FGGolden SilentATX80+ Platinum500WSemi1
Super Flower SF-650F14MGLeadex GoldATX80+ Gold650WFull1
Super Flower SF-750F14MGLeadex GoldATX80+ Gold750WFull1
Super Flower SF-850F14MGLeadex GoldATX80+ Gold850WFull1
XFX P1-1000-BELXProSeriesATX80+ Platinum1000WFull$199.991
XFX P1-1050-BEFXProSeriesATX80+ Gold1050WFull$172.361
XFX P1-1250-BEFXProSeriesATX80+ Gold1250WFull$218.991

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