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The highly demandable jobs come crippled with the furious competition.This means that you require to set your best foot forward. From completing your resume to nailing the interview – you have to win it all.

Using the better resume tips can get you shortlisted for your expected job.And in this article, we have included the best resume tips and tricks.

Remember five most important points when you write a perfect resume.These five most important points include :

1. Create an identical resume for each job application
2.Use one-liner points (not paragraphs)
3. Each points start with power verbs
4. To Focus on your accomplishments
use achievement figures.
5. Use pertinent keywords in your resume

1. Create an Identical Resume for Each Job Application

Most of the job seekers use the same resume for all their job applications.What’s wrong with this?

On the outside, it seems acceptable to mate one perfect resume and uses the identical resume over and over.However, this is the bad thing that you can do in terms of a job application because it leaves you manifested to job rejection.

For this reason you should not write a individual generic resume or use it over and over.

Each job has a identical set of criteria, even when you’re applying for the similar job title. Why?

Because different organizations will have their individual understanding of the suitable candidate for that particular job.

2. Use One-liner Points (not paragraphs)

There are two types of job seekers when it comes to making a resume:

1.Those who use paragraphs
2.Those who use one-line points

Why should you not use paragraph ?
Because it creates your resume hard to read.
Bad readability means that the ATS(applicant tracking system) won’t be capable of reading it.

So use one-liner points to make your resume reader-friendly and shortlist-worthy.

3.Each Points Start with Power Verbs

While you are using one-liner points, you require to optimize each point. The best way to do this is through power verbs.When you begin each point, do not use informal words.

Below a list of the top 10 resume power verbs that you can use in your resume:

1. Collaborated
2. Spearheaded
3. Monitored
4. Formulated
5. Executed
6. Organized
7. Managed
8. Directed
9. Administered
10. Developed

4. To Focus on Your Accomplishments
Use Achievement Figures

The great resume tricks is “To focus on your accomplishments use achievement figures wherever possible.”

You do not give a soft account of your everyday work responsibilities in your resume.Recruiter doesn’t want to read that either.

For example, if a recruiter is sourcing candidates for a marketing role, he/she expects from candidates the basic marketing functions such as:

1. Email marketing
2. Digital marketing
3.Campaign planning


5. Use Pertinent Keywords in Your Resume

Using keywords in your resume is one of the popular known resume tips.So try to use industry-relevant keywords concerned to your target job in your resume. This supports you get filtered through the ATS software easily.

There have mainly 3 types of resume keywords:

1. Skill criteria
2. Education criteria
3. Work experience criteria

A skill criterion is a skill-based resume keywords.An education criterion is an education-based resume keywords.
A work experience criteria is an experience-based resume keywords.

Keep in mind another five most important points when you write a perfect resume.These five most important points include :

1. Leave out irrelevant information

2. Avoid to write an excessively long resume

3. Do not use unnecessary sections

4. Avoid to include charts or graphics

5. Avoid to include exceptionally personal details in your resume


1. Leave out Irrelevant Information

You do not deviate from your niche. For example, if you are a Marketer, do not include details of your singing & dancing career in your resume. Why? Because it is simply irrelevant.

The tips lies in assuring that your resume is not irrelevant to your industry and the industry you are targeting.

2. Avoid to Write an Excessively Long Resume

A resume should be one-page long.But do not omit data or eliminate information from your resume just because you want to crop it down to a one-page resume.

It is nice if your resume is two pages long.
As long as your resume is not hanging in the ugly middle, it is perfectly nice.

If the content of your resume drop to the second page by two-three lines, edit your resume again to fit it into one page.

3. Do not Use Unnecessary Sections

You probably learn that you should compose your personal and professional information in your resume under relevant sections.

A list of the 7 must-have sections of your resume are below :

1. Header
2.Personal Information
3. Profile Title
4. Summary/Objective
5. Key Skills
6. Professional Experience
7. Education

In addition to these sections, you can also include the following sections in your resume:

2.Volunteering Experience

We advice you to write the internships section and volunteering experience section in your resume only if you are a fresh graduate & career.

4. Avoid to Include Charts or Graphics

While visually pathetic and useful in communicating the range of your skill sets, they might not be the good thing you can do for your resume. Why?Because they are difficult to read.

Your resume is not a PowerPoint presentation, which is to say that you can make your resume without graphics.A text-only resume is more easy to read than a chart-heavy resume.

5. Avoid to Include Exceptionally Personal Details in Your Resume

Many job seekers around the world tend to include extremely personal information. They include unimportant and extremely personal information that does nothing to progress their job hunt.

Unless a hiring manager is apparently asking for it, do not write your resume with extremely personal information. For example: marital status, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, etc.

Top 7 Marks of a Perfect Resume

Here’s a quick checklist of a good resume:
1. A good resume is industry relevant.
2. A good resume has eminent conversion scope.
3. A good resume is recruiter friendly.
4. A good resume is well-formatted.
5. A good resume has no irrelevant content.
6. A good resume is ATS software relevant.
7. A good resume uses a suitable template design.

In this brief article , we try to cover the best resume tips and tricks that help you write a resume that suit the above standard of a perfect resume as much as possible. Hope you will be benefited from these for acquiring a desire job. Good luck and Good Careers.

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