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Do u need job? Have a relevant resume and if you know how to place it? If these are okay, you will already ahead in job market especially in US. In this brief article we talk about that in details. Let’s have a look –

How will you grab that?

For a grab job, you must have to apply. Submitting Resume is the first step for the grab a job. It’s like to enter in a job your first foot is Resume and next is interview.

You are applying for a job, and someone will hire you. It seems like you are a product and they are buying your efficiency. So, obviously you have to attract them to buy you. How will they know that you will be capable for the job? So you have to send a proper description about you to them.

Now, the fact is.

1. How will they know who is going to be hired?

2. How will they know you are capable for this job?

3. Are you similar to their requirements?

4. What extra benefits will they have?

Resume is the answer.

How can you get that job with Resume? There are some methods to grab a US job with Resume:Send Resume where it is required.

Researching what employer wants in the candidate, highlight those things in simple but easy to attract.

If you’re experienced, include your previous relevant positions.

If you’re fresher, Highlight your Job relevant skill and accomplishment.Use simple words and correct grammatical sentences. The reader should not have any complication to read.Fewer words to express whole information as clear as it is.

You must have to submit a Resume with required information. This information will represent you for interview. And maybe it will make your interview impression much easier. But everyone will submit their resume. What should be included in your resume to bring you ahead from others?

Let’s know:

● Proper formation,
● A professional design,
● Relevant information,
● Strictly avoid non-relevant things.
● No extra information.
● Know what should be added and avoided in a US Resume.

A proper formation of a US resume is:

● Header with Contact Information,
● Resume Profile,
● Work Experience,
● Education,
● Skills,
● Additional Sections,

Header with Contact:

Your contact info should be in top. So that, recruiters know how to get in touch with you.

Your name, contact phone number, email should be included. Your relevant website or online portfolio can be included if you have.

Resume Profile:

A short paragraph about yourself and why you’re applying for this position are your Profile.

If you are experienced professionally, you can use “Resume summary statement” for focus on your job experience.

And if you are just starting your career, “resume objective statement” will focus on your skills and career goals.

Remember, Profile should be briefed within 5 sentences.

Work Experience:

This section will be the main attractive element to have any specific job.

You should include the company name, location, employment dates, position title, short list of your primary job responsibilities.

You can use some tricks to make this section more attractive. Such as:

● Mention relevant job responsibilities.
● Add your most recent position.
● Use resume keywords for computerized recruitment system,
● Use bullet points (as fewer as 6)


Your academic capability should be included here. Here are some tricks also:

Mention degree if applicable,School/College name with the city, country,Avoid the abbreviation.No need to add CGPA or GPA grades.

Remember, Different countries have different academic curriculum, grades and degrees.


Your job skills should be included here. So, let’s make it attractive with tricks too.

List the job skill you have.

Highlighting the skills employer is looking for.

The skill section should be balanced between Hard and Soft skills.

Additional sections:

This section is for extra interests or accomplishments that might attract hiring managers. That will bring you one step ahead in a crowd.

Some category based information can be included in this section.

● Certificates and Licenses,
● Hobbies and Interests,
● Foreign Languages,
● Achievements and Awards.

Remember, add relevant information to the job you’re applying for.

A professional design:

Usually, Microsoft PowerPoint or Word are mostly used software for making CV or Resume.

● You can design your resume page for making it attractive and gorgeous. But take care of.
● Design should be professional.
● Glorious on simple look,
● Take a specific color for body.
● No over aesthetic or extra colorful.

Relevant information:

Information in Resume should be relevant.

We’ve known the barrier of what information should be included and how should be arranged. Now what will bring you outside the boundary should also know. If you’re out of the boundary, you’re out of the job also.

Avoid irrelevant information. That can ruin your first impression. You may lose the chance. You’re giving true information, but if it’s irrelevant they will consider it as unprofessional show off. And maintaining professional resume is mandatory.

Let’s know what not to include in American Resumes:

1. Personal information on a US Resume:

These can be grounds for discrimination. This information will be strictly making your resume rejected.

● Date of birth,
● Marital status,
● Number of Children,
● Sex,
● Parent’s name,
● Personal identity,
● Photo,
● Age,
● Religion,

2. Phone Number and address on a US Resume:

Add if have an American phone number you can be contacted.

Don’t add the country prefix. (+1)
Phone number should be Entered like.

507-123-1234 (mobile)
(952) 123-1234

Floating around your detailed address is not wise. Then you should add.

City, zip code is enough (e.g. Peoria, AZ 85345).

For large metropolitan area, add the given district or area. (e.g. Lower Manhattan, New York, NY 10011)

3. References on a US Resume:

The employers will ask for reference if interested.For large metropolitan area, add the given district or area. (e.g. Lower Manhattan, New York, NY 10011)

So, American resume isn’t much different as you have. Forget special vocabulary for parts of resume. Don’t worry that you don’t know the Terminology.

Instead, keep eyes on:

1. Use correct resume sections and order.
2. correct formatting resume

at end making sure about resume has no unusual, illegal information.

So, a best foot forward has taken and soon enough you’ll be walking through the door of you US interview! work at good careers.

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