How Fixed Service Host Sysmain

How Fixed Service Host Sysmain


he term Sysmain is recently updated. Previously it was known as the Superfetch. However, later Superfetch was renamed Sysmain. It was done recently, on 10th October 2018. On Windows Xp it was called Prefetch. The latest version is called Sysmain.

It is to improve the service and overall performance of the system. The Sysmain is supposed to expand the performance rate. It will do so by the following:

  • By allowing application launch
  • Timproving the operation recorder API component
  • page combing etc

What is Service host Sysmain?

Service host sysmain is a bunch of system processes. sysmain high disk usage They include multiple processors within it.

The service runs with the background usage. It uses very little power from the CPU while analyzing the usage of RAM. Any apps the Service Host Sysmain acknowledges will recognize it as something you “frequently” use. It will then start unloading whatever used is as an app into RAM.

Service Host Sysmain will help you enhance whenever you have launched an app. It will also help you pace up the time it takes the app to start. However, sometimes it might do the opposite. Like, causing the high disk to use for too much.

Service host sysmain high disk

The process Service host sysmain high disk can cause high usage in Windows 10.  Many people who use computers have complained about Service hosts symain high disk locally. They have complained they found the program in their task managers. They saw that it was ingesting their disks. Cpu or memory difficulties have also risen along with other issues.

Service Host Sysmain pc
Service Host Sysmain pc

It is all caused due to the Service host sustaining sysmain high disk usage. The users all made a joint complaint on how the disk is constantly high. Even when they tried to stop it one after the other, they keep on coming. They say due to sysmain’s high disk usage, the computer turns hot or stops working. They have even tried rebooting the system. Yet nothing works.

Service host sysmain 100 disks

If you have downloaded the Service host Sysmain, the newest addition to your Windows computer, you might be suffering from some difficulties. Many people have complained about how much CPU this new system uses up. They also say it requires a high memory for running.

When you open up the task manager, you may have seen that the Service Host Sysmain constantly takes up 100% of the disk.  You may see the CPU is using only 25%. You could notice that it only runs or stops for some time; however, it goes back to being used at 25%.

The same thing happens with memory usage. Whenever the users open their computers, they see the memory starts at 230 MB. It soon goes up to almost a rate of 1 MB per second to 1 GB. It is an unstable way of going up and down, causing trouble to the owners. If they go to the task manager and stop the application from working, the other applications also stop working. Like the start menu and the top menu, they do not work.

The CPU and memory then go back to working like before, but the other ones that stopped working do not work. It causes inconvenience for everyone. Since it hampers the flow of work and storage, it can be a hassle for many. The service host sysmain using up 100% of the disk thus, troublesome.

What do when the Service host Sysmain is using 100% disk?

In this article, we will discuss many ways in how to stop your Service host Sysmain from using 100% disk.

  • 1.You can disable the Service from Sysmain:

 Firstly you need to press a few keys on your keyboard.

 You have to press the Windows key+R. Then type service. msc. Click Ok when it says open service. When the service window opens up, locate Sysmain. You have to right-click on Sysmain to select its properties. Afterward, press the stop button and Ok button to save the changes.

Even after this, if the issue does not go away, you can do these:

  • 2. You can use the command prompt to stop Service Host Sysmain from using 100% disk:

Firstly, press the Windows button and open it. You have to type CMD on it. Remember, it is a black window with green writings. You can then press Open Run. Use the Administrator to open the Command Prompt.

You have to type the following to disable Sysmain:

sc stop “SysMain”; and then type, sc config “SysMain” start=disabled.

You will see the status saying Change Service Config Success. It means your Sysmain is disabled. Now it is normal. You can close the command tab and check the task manager tab to see if everything works properly.

Other solutions for when the Service Host Sysmain using up 100% of disks include:

  • Looking at your hard drive

You can either upgrade or change your hardware if you find your computer has a traditional hard drive. You may consider updating your computer SSD. If you have windows installed and other programs that you frequently use in an SSD, you will find astonishing differences.

The Service Host Sysmain using 100% disk problem usually arises when necessary programs run in the background. You will find changes every time if you upgrade to an SSD for your computer.

You can also update your windows. If you have auto-updates running, then it is easier. You will get reminders and all.

If you do not, then you can go to your settings. Go to updates and security and update it. You need to install all the pending updates.

The Sysmain may cause your windows to slow down or stop working. It may use up 100% of your disks too.


Will it cause any problems if I stop Service host Sysmain?

If you disable your Sysmain, it will disable more than just superfetch. Prefetch also depends on Superfetch. So if you disable the former service, the latter will get canceled out as well. It may cause a few problems. Like you, defrag toll may not optimize the file layout.  Disabling the Sysmain is not suggested.

Should I stop Sysmain on SSD?

If Sysmain on SSD does incur any problems for you, you can keep it the way it is. If, however, it is causing inconveniences, you can go to an IT shop to disable it. You can ask for their expertise for better knowledge.

Why is the Sysmain Host service taking up so much hard disk?

Few users have complained that their Service host system is my eclass using up all CPU. It may even cause programs to stop running or freeze in Windows 10. It can be due to the problems in service host symain or software.

Is 100% disk usage not good?

 It is not bad if the disk goes up to 100% for some time. It will settle down on its own after a while. However, if it persists or constantly goes up to 100% something, it might be wrong with your system. You can get it checked.

Why is my disk at 100% usage?

There might be a lot of reasons for your disk to be at 100%. It might be that you have a slow computer or there are antiviruses in it. Check your antivirus cleaner or plug your device into charging. If the problem is not fixed by it, you may check your hardware.

Why is disk usage always so high?

If you see your disk usage being high, it is because of your antivirus software. When you run antivirus software, it causes a lot of background scanning. It causes high disk usage.


It is how you may control your Service Host Sysmain from being up to 100%. It may cause many inconveniences for you, like suddenly starting or stopping a program. The program may freeze.

The only purpose of all the generations of Super fetch is the same. It uses to increase the performance of your computer. It does so by preloading apps before you need them. You need Windows 10 to get Sysmain.

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