Sidley Austin, a Glorious Law Firm

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Sidley Austin a Glorious Law Firm, a significant part of our life, is the system of various regulations that are necessary for a specific country or community. Law is the amendment of essential rules and regulations that are enforced on a country for the advancement of the people. To ensure enough legal service to the people of a state, many law firms are established with the assist of experienced people and skilled lawyers. Some of the law firms render services in a specific country, while some others provide their services worldwide. From an uncountable number of law firms, Sidley Austin LLP is one that shines the most. But why? Well, go through the article and you will get your answer for sure.

Sidley Austin, a Glorious Law Firm
Sidley Austin, a Glorious Law Firm

Sidley Austin LLP

In the world of law, Sidley Austin is a well-known name. It can be called the brand of law firms in the United States. This law firm is especially prominent for the successful solvation of various challenging cases of the general as well as renowned people. Sidley Austin not only solved various elite cases but also solved the cases of helpless people as well.

The United States-based law firm ‘Sidley Austin LLP’ was established in the middle of the nineteenth century and gradually become a famous firm in the United States. At the very beginning, the Sidley Austin LLP New York firm was known as ‘Sidley Austin Brown & Woof LLP’. It served in this name for a few decades.

Afterward, this firm has overcome various ups and downs, and then it has got the present name “Sidley Austin LLP”. The firm’s work is principally centered on different litigation and transactional difficulties. Today, Sidley Austin is one of those eminent companies that have a greater contribution to global and US revenue.

The story of Sidley Austin

In 1866, a law firm was established in Chicago named Sidley & Austin. After passing many years, the firm was become to expand in the 1970s and 1980s considerably. In 1972, Sidley & Austin combined the business with a Chicago-based firm that had fifty lawyers. They worked for a few decades as well.

In 1914, another law firm named Brown & Wood was formed in New York. In the late twentieth century, this firm was having some trouble. At that time Sidley & Austin had come and saved the firm to become vanished at the beginning of the 21st century. In 2001, these two firms- ‘Sidley & Austin’ and ‘Brown & Wood’ merged. After merging, the firms were known as Sidley Austin Brown & Wood.

After five years in 2006, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood were finally renamed as the famous ‘Sidley Austin LLP’. Still, these firms are working in the name ‘Sidley Austin’. The Headquarters of Sidley Austin is located in Loop’s One South Dearborn, Chicago, United States.

Initially, this law firm was begun to expand in the middle of the 1940s. Step by step, the firm opened its offices in various regulatory as well as financial centers to serve more people. At present, Sidley Austin has around 20 offices that are placed globally. Therefore, this law firm is providing worldwide services. As a result, it has become one of the prominent law firms in the United States.

Sidley Austin New York Office and others

The prominent law firm Sidley Austin New York Address is 787 Seventh Avenue, NY 10019, New York. This Sidley Austin New York Office is acknowledged as the Sidley Austin NYC. The global services of this firm are managed and authorized by this NYC office. Additionally, the Sidley Austin NYC office is renowned because it mostly deals with elite people’s cases.

In addition to Sidley Austin New York Office, its other workplaces are located in Houston, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Chicago, Century City, Dallas, and some other countries like China, Australia, Shanghai, etc. In every place, Sidley Austin renders services with paramount honesty and authenticity.

Sidley Austin LLP has around 2000 attorneys who are working in its 20 worldwide offices. The revenue of this firm was $2.337 billion in 2019. Norman Williams and John Leverett Thompson were the initiators of the famous Sidley Austin LLP. Now, this firm is organizing based on the limited liability partnership.

Responsibilities of Sidley Austin

Sidley Austin is one of the top-paying companies in the United States. The revenue of this law firm is approximately $2 billion per year. With this revenue, Sidley Austin has a larger impact on the US economy as well. Sidley Austin LLP has a great expansion with around 2000 lawyers through twenty offices. The latest added office of Sidley Austin is in Munich that is opened in 2016.

As Sidley Austin is one of the largest law firms in the United States, it has to take various responsibilities. Sidley Austin works in cases where school children can’t get access to literacy. It also provides legal necessities for the people having a family crisis, facing trouble for the separation of the national borders, having healthcare problems, etc.

In addition to dealing with elite class people and their cases, the firm provides its services to the people who can’t afford legal representation. Other than these cases, Sidley Austin provides legal assistance to the female athletes who faced discrimination as well. It also renders service to the LGBT community to set their rights legally.

Moreover, in 2020, the pandemic of COVID-19 is not unknown to the people of the world. This is a difficult as well as perplexing situation for most people. Besides, everyone is not getting an equal benefit in health service. Hence, Sidley Austin has taken the necessary steps to look into cases that are related to COVID-19.

Sidley Austin is significantly reputed for the practice in securities and several international trades. This law firm is also renowned for appellate practice along with the US Supreme Court practice. Numerous prominent journals and newspapers such as the Legal Times, the USA Today, the National Law Journal, the American Lawyer, BusinessWeek, etc. have published outstanding features on Sidley Austin.

Sidley Austin New York Ranking

From lots of law firms, Sidley Austin New York Ranking is standing at the top in most cases. This firm has attained 73 companies as the client from the Fortune 100 companies through 2019. Besides, at present, Sidley Austin has achieved the number eleven position among the largest corporate law firms based in the United States.

The News Survey of the United States entitled Sidley Austin as the ‘Law Firm of the Year’ in the case of FDA Law (Food and Drug Administration Law) and Securities Lawsuit in 2020. Since the inauguration of the best law firms’ survey of the United States News and World Report (U.S. News & World Report), Sidley Austin has acknowledged the most First-Ties National Rankings for the 8th time in 2010.

Moreover, at ‘The Lawyer Awards in London’, Sidley Austin has achieved the ‘Competition and Regulatory Team of the year’ in 2018. In the program of ‘The American Bar Association’s Legal Profession Award’, Sidley Austin became the Champions for the inclusion of disability.

In addition to this, Sidley Austin New York NALP (The National Association for Law Placement) is one of the best leading law placement firms for gender diversity, inclusion, and women. For the eleventh time, Sidley Austin has received the ‘Best Law Firms for Women” in the yearly list of a famous magazine named ‘Working Mother’.

Contributory Works of Sidley Austin

Besides dealing with a lot of law-related issues, Sidley Austin has a great contribution in other different sectors. Sidley Austin New York office is especially prominent in the United States because of its contribution to several political and federal campaigns. Moreover, the firm gives numerous donations as a part of its charitable works.

Sidley Austin LLP also contributes to the betterment of the local communities as a part of its social responsibility. Moreover, the firm works for a lot of needy students from local schools, colleges, and law institutions. It assists individuals or people who have lost their homes. On various holidays, Sidley Austin provides gifts to deprived children as well.

Furthermore, this firm provides various legal services to several non-profit organizations. Such as the United Way, Cycle for Survival, Chicago Cares, the American Heart Association, etc. Sidley Austin LLP is cent percent dedicated to its providing services. The fundamental ideologies of this firm include strong justice, equality, and inclusion.


Therefore, Sidley Austin LLP, one of the leading law firms of the United States, has a strong target of giving the greatest legal services to worldwide people. Every firm commits but few can keep it. Sidley Austin is one of those few firms that kept the commitment to serve everyone (from opulent to destitute people). Thus, this firm is not only working for prominent people and organizations but also render services to helpless people as well. That is why Sidley Austin is unique and outstanding among numerous law firms across the world.

Last Update: 04/03/2021

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