Uncured Canadian Bacon

Uncured Canadian Bacon

You may be curious as to how bacon is produced without being cured. Did you know, all bacon must be cured before being consumed? Uncured Canadian Bacon is also cured bacon, but the procedure is somewhat different. 

A method that is both healthier and tastier! Simply stated, uncured Canadian bacon is bacon that has not been cured with nitrates and nitrites derived from synthetic sources. 

Uncured bacon is cured with natural nitrates, which can be found in celery, beets, and other vegetables. 

When the vegetables are mixed with seasonings and fresh sea salt, they provide a tasty, chemical-free bacon remedy. When looking for uncured bacon in the supermarket, look for it with the words “sodium nitrate-free” on the bottle.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

What is the difference between bacon and Canadian bacon?

Most people opt for bacon without knowing about the difference between bacon and Canadian bacon. 

The fatty belly of the pig is used to make American bacon, while the genitals are used to make Canadian bacon.

What is curing?

A lot of people do not know much about curing. Bacon that has been processed with a mixture of salt, sugar, sodium, and nitrates, is known as cured bacon. Bacon’s pink color comes from nitrates, which often tend to protect it over time.

Best Uncured Canadian bacon brands in the US:

Most US residents eat bacon for breakfast. That is why it is essential to know about the best uncured Canadian bacon brands.

Jones uncured Canadian bacon is a kind of bacon that has much less sodium compared to cured meats. The cherrywood Jones Canadian bacon slices have a moderate, smoky flavor with a touch of sugar, giving it a unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else. 

So, how many calories in Jones Dairy Farm uncured Canadian bacon? Jones Canadian bacon is a naturally smoked snack with just 60 calories and a whopping 10 grams of protein, making it an excellent option for healthy eaters.

Uncured bacon Canada is made with no added nitrates or nitrites, and it does not contain added phosphates. The uncured Canadian bacon Costco variant can be found at the Costco outlets. 

Also, the Jones uncured Canadian bacon nutrition yields are 20 calories per slice. One slice has 3.3 g of protein. 

Another known brand is the Hormel uncured Canadian bacon. Their natural uncured bacon is sourced from the sirloin part of the pork loins.

The Niman ranch uncured Canadian bacon is made in small batches and offers excellent flavors. Their best-selling uncured applewood smoked bacon comes with no added sugar. 

And, their bacon has no artificial or added preservatives either. You can even prepare a delicious recipe with this brand of bacon. You will find several uncured Canadian bacon recipes on the internet.

Rose uncured Canadian bacon is made with meat, and it has no fillers. This bacon is easy to prepare, and it is 97 percent free from fat.

How to cook bacon wrapped with rosemary pork loin chop:

You will need to follow some easy steps if you want to cook bacon wrapped with rosemary pork loin chop. 

Step 1:

Remove the exterior bag of seasoned pork chops. 

Step 2:

Heat the grill to medium-high and prepare the grill gates to prevent the chops from sticking to the grill. 

Step 3:

Remove rosemary sprig and roast pork chops for 5-6 minutes per side on medium-high indirect heat or until the internal temperature exceeds 145 degrees. 

Step 4:

Allow 10 minutes for the chops to rest before serving. You can even sprinkle some salt or sugar. Serve with your favorite side of celery, as celery is a delicious option to go with it.

How to Tell if Your Bacon has Been Smoked:

Do you want to know if the bacon you’re purchasing has been smoked? The nutritional label does not have much information about the smoking process, but the other brands on the packaging may! If your bacon is marked “hardwood smoked” or “naturally smoked,” it was cooked in a smoker.

How Long Does Bacon Last?

Unopened bacon can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks and frozen for up to 8 months. 

Meanwhile, opened but uncooked bacon can only last for a week in the refrigerator and up to six months in the freezer.

Is bacon keto?

Bacon is allowed on the keto diet. This seems to be an essential aspect for aspiring dieters—and for a good cause. The fact that bacon can be eaten on a keto diet makes it seem easy for dieters.

How it’s made:

Bacon is traditionally prepared by coating pork loin or belly cuts with a combination of salt and spices and leaving them for a week before being cleaned, dried, and smoked.

Are nitrites bad for you?

Nitrates are relatively inert, meaning they’re safe and unlikely to alter and damage you. However, bacteria in the mouth or body enzymes may turn them into potentially dangerous nitrites.

What is uncured ham?

The same cut as cured ham is uncured ham, also known as “fresh ham.” The same chemical brine or salt, smoke, and flavorings found in cured meat are not used in uncured ham.


Can you eat uncured Canadian bacon?

Back bacon, as it’s known in Canada, is lean smoked pork that’s more akin to ham than regular bacon. Canadian bacon is made from the lean, tender eye of the loin and is packaged in cylindrical pieces. Canadian bacon is pre-cooked and can be eaten right out of the box or cooked more.

Why is Canadian bacon better than regular bacon?

Canadian bacon slices are a healthy alternative to regular bacon. Since Canadian pork strips are much more beneficial than regular bacon, they have fewer calories. Bear in mind, though, that Canadian bacon, like standard bacon, consists mainly of sodium.

How long does uncured Canadian bacon last?

After opening the package, closely wrap the Canadian bacon pieces. Use within 7 days of purchase. If freezing, don’t leave it for longer than three months.

How do you cook uncured Canadian bacon?

Step 1:

There are plenty of recipes to choose from when you make bacon. In a 12-inch pan, melt 1 tablespoon butter until it sizzles, then adds the rest of the bacon slices. 

Step 2:

Cook, rotating once, over medium heat until lightly browned. 

Step 3:

Drizzle 1 tablespoon syrup over the bacon and cook until well cooked. 

Step 4:

Place the bacon on a serving plate after removing it from the pan. This is one of the most delicious recipes.

What is the healthiest bacon to eat?

Turkey bacon has marginally less fat and calories than pork meat making it a better choice for those on special diets or for those who are unable to consume pork.

Why is Canadian bacon so expensive?

Bacon is pricey as it can only be produced from a pig’s belly and one pork belly requires the killing of a whole pig.

What is a healthy alternative to bacon?

Tempeh bacon, produced from processed soybeans, is one of the best popular bacon substitutes. It’s a great meal when combined with a salad or consumed in itself, and you can cook or grill it too.

Is Canadian bacon considered a processed food?

According to an expert, Canadian bacon is processed, but it does not consist of meat and a lot of fat.

What happens if I eat uncured meat?

Consuming even small quantities of cold cuts or uncured meat regularly, including ‘uncured’ items, increases the likelihood of disease and cancer.

Is uncured meat ready to be eaten?

The salami that has not been cured doesn’t have to be cooked. Curing is the use of salt to aid in the drying and preservation of meat.

Final Words:

So, is uncured pork healthier for you than nitrite-cured bacon? By a long shot. 

It’s still unclear whether celery’s organic nitrites are less toxic than those found in cured pork. In addition, bacon contains many salt and trans fats, all of which can be reduced to lower the risk of heart failure

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