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Accelerate your career in a meaningful way at the United Nations

The United Nations (UN) is the largest inter-governmental organization founded in 1945. This international organization was formed after the devastating World War II with a view to preventing war and conflicts among the nations. The United Nations works for the peace and security of the nations and to build a good relationship among them.

The United Nations offers a great range of career opportunities at the UN for diverse backgrounds of aspirants with high aptitudes. The UN has several multitudes of specialized agencies. FAO, WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNHCR, UNDP, UNEP, etc. are some of the key agencies of the UN. The United Nations’ agencies run their activities in almost all the countries of the globe. Therefore, they have a high choice of career paths for the potential candidates.

The United Nations’ prime aim and objective are to solve various global issues. Some of these are conflicts among nations, environment, and global warming, food safety, women empowerment, child education, and health, etc. If you want to see yourself as a part of this noble work, then a career at the UN could be the best option for you. We will give you an overview of the success factors for building your career at the UN.

Why should you choose your career at the UN?

First of all, the UN job offers you a great opportunity to serve humanity. You will get the chance to work with international people. The people working at the UN came from various cultures and traditions around the world. We think this is one of the lucrative features to choose one’s career at the UN.

The second good thing you will get from a UN job is to work with expert people. The United Nations hires the most skilled and expert professionals in different fields. So, the UN can be a great platform for learning and developing your skills.

The third thing is that you can work with relaxation and comfort. As the UN has no profit pressure, this is one of the good things for an employee.

The United Nations offers many foreign trips for their employees to attend different seminars, symposiums, workshops, and meetings. So, if you join the UN as an employee you will get many opportunities to visit different parts of the world. The UN job will provide you a chance to build a great network of contacts around the globe.

Last but not the least, the UN career offers you a very rewarding salary package including tax exemption benefits and a health insurance plan. The salary of a UN employee is pretty good. Only money should not be a reason for picking up a UN job. There are many other reasons that exist for choosing your career at the UN other than an attractive salary.

How to set up your goal for a UN job?

Planning the right goal for a UN job is mandatory to work for you. At the very beginning, you need to plan your career with your reflection of your past working life, skills, and what you envision for yourself. After doing this part, map out a direction that suits you. Research for your right career paths and choose your career goals according to that. The UN provides a workbook to help you identify problems and challenges in your career paths and to find ways to deal with them. This workbook is designed to help you identify your strengths, abilities, and accomplishments. It has tools for determining your career goals and developing a combat plan.

Explore the Career paths available at the UN

Your unique career path is based on your professional aspirations and your past and future career decisions. The UN supports you with resources to help you plan and implement your career decisions.

Geography is one way that you can definitely affect your work at the United Nations. Few ways are clearly set out in the work opportunities of the United Nations. The diversity of functions and the various mandates means that you can not only change jobs, departments but also organizations or work structures. There are 9 career paths available at the United Nations. You can choose a track from those, that may interest you.

  1. Management and Administration Network: This track has an immediate impact on the strategic direction of UN approaches, policies, and related issues. Career qualifications in the department include finance and budget officers, human resources, and ethics and disciplinary officials.
  2. Economic, Social, and Development Network: Jobs within the economic, social, and development network are located at UN New York headquarters and five world economic commissions. Activities within this track include program management officer, economic affairs officer and development liaison officer.
  3. Political, Peace, and Humanitarian Network: Political, peacekeeping and humanitarian activities at the UN provide critical and multi-stakeholder support, helping poor and disadvantaged people to connect with key partners in the sector.
  4. Information and Telecommunication Technology Network: If you are interested in this department, you can work as a data systems manager or a technical assistant in a particular area of ​​communication, such as SAP development and integration.
  5. Legal Network: Professionals working in the legal network often work as legal administrators who specialize in certain areas, such as trials or complaints.
  6. Public Information and Conference Management Network: Services within this include public information officers, an external relations officers, and conference services assistants.
  7. Internal Security and Safety: An intelligence of military or national police is a must in many of SAFETYNET’s activities, including security officers, security investigators, and security officers.
  8. Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain Network: Roles within LOGNET include workforce officials, delivery assistants, and environmental engineers.
  9. Science Network: Jobs within the SCINET center with medical services, anthropology, and natural health sciences. This includes a variety of jobs, from nurses and pharmacists to veterinarians and external space specialists.

Qualifications you need for UN jobs

Honesty, impartiality, truthfulness, and flexibility are the basic things the United Nations wants from their employee. They want strong and flexible people who are not afraid to think creatively, who are adaptable and responsive. The UN Internship Program and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Program are ideal if you want to know what UN work will be like. The Junior Professional Officer (JPO) program and the Young Professionals Program are at a very high level for those whose hearts are willing to work for the UN.

  • Usually, if you want get a jobs at the United Nations you need to have advance university degrees. Each departments and fields need different degrees, so you have to choose the right job that suits your educational background.
  • Excellent command of English or French is needed, as they are common working languages of the UN.
  • Additional language knowledge is an optional choice but not required for most tasks.
  • The most important element, without a doubt is past work experience.
  • Applications, depending on their previous working experience, may apply to different job categories. P-1 positions do not require work experience; however, this position does not exist. P-2 positions require a minimum of 2 years of work experience, P-3 needs 5 years minimum, P-4 requires 7 years minimum, and P-5 asks for 10 years of working experiences from a candidate.

Flourish your expertise

Across many positions, UN instructors generally seek the following key skills:

Communication Skills: Interpersonal skills include speaking and writing clearly. Successful contacts listen carefully to others and respond in a professional way. UN staff also adjust their language, tone, and content to match their intended audience.

Respect for diversity: UN staff treats people of all backgrounds with respect and dignity. They value a wide range of views and often demonstrate this understanding in everyday activities and decision-making. They repeatedly checked their morals and ethics to avoid deception.

Innovation: This key performance includes adapting to new systems, services, or technical needs, such as implementing new problem-solving techniques. UN design staff are looking for new solutions to help improve the lives of those in need.

Collaboration: This important skill consists of working collaboratively with others to achieve or exceed organizational goals. This ability also includes sharing group debt and highlighting the success of others.

Planning and Organization: UN staff developing clear goals that are aligned with the planning strategy. They see the need to take the initiative in setting and setting priorities as needed. Employees also allocate the required amount of resources to complete the task, whether it is cost, time, or staff.

Look for UN Job postings

It is necessary to stay up to date with new vacant posts at the UN if you want to build your own network. There are 9 career options available at the UN.

  1. Staff categories

UN activities are divided into different categories of staff, each of which requires a specific level of education and specialist background. Sectors are also divided into jobs at different levels that require different levels of activity. By considering your abilities, interests, and experience, determine which category and level best suits you. Here are the options:

  • Professional and Higher categories
  • General Resources and Related Categories
  • National Professional Officials
  • Field Field
  • Senior Appointments
  1. Young professionals’ program

It is a step towards the recruitment of skilled, highly trained trainers to begin the work of being a public servant around the world with the United Nations Secretariat. It contains interventions and specialist development programs in which they will first achieve their role with the UN.

  1. Language specialists

The United Nations organizes competitions for language practitioners (editors, translators, translators, journalists, and copywriters/inspectors/production editors) to complete posts on its language services.

  1. Global General Service Test

GST is a computer-based entry-level test for re-employment in the General Service (GS) category. The GST assesses job-related skills and performance of applicants who have been listed in the GS rankings, in terms of job-related conditions, in an efficient, effective, and efficient manner.

  1. Junior Professional Officer Program

The UN JPO program, managed by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), employs and manages JPOs:

  • United Nations Secretariat (Headquarters and Field offices, including Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions)
  • Secretariat of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB)
  • Join Inspection Unit (JIU)
  1. Volunteer program

Being a UN Volunteer is not a job (currently limited to four years of service), but it is rich in opportunities and experience and offers great personal rewards.

  1. Internship program

The purpose of the internship is to provide you with the first natural picture of daily working meetings of the United Nations.

  1. Temporary jobs

This  appointments are used to fill positions for less than a year in order to meet a part-time job or a higher amount and certain short-term needs. Temporary job vacancies are advertised at Inspira,  the Organization’s talent management platform.

  1. Consultants

The United Nations regularly recruits professionals under individual contracts to work on short-term projects either consultants or individual contractors. Experienced professionals from short-term assignments are invited to register with the Consultants Roster through Inspirer and provide your profile (PHP). So that they can consider you when opportunities arise.

How to apply for UN Jobs?

After searching for job openings, understand the job requirements. Choose a suitable job for you and make a personal profile with the Inspira application. This application allows you to make an online resume and apply for UN jobs. Make sure you are giving all the information about yourself. Do not be vague. Especially in your goal setting, focus on what you have achieved, compared to what you do every day.

After that prepare a cover letter. The cover letter that you must complete when applying for a job with the United Nations is a personal introduction that accompanies your application. Your purpose with the cover letter is to explain how your knowledge, qualifications, and skills relate to the job you are applying for.

Where should I look for available UN Jobs?

See the UN employment website for vacancies with organizations in the UN secretariat. You can use UNjobfinder and Impactpool to search for posts in all UN agencies. Spaces are constantly updated, so if you do not immediately see a position that fits your goals and qualifications, check back often.

You can also do research before starting your job search. See the following websites for details:

Over the years, the United Nations has increased its presence in many parts of the world. There are more than 130 field and regional offices of the UN, which include peacekeeping and political machinery and humanitarian operations. The United Nations employment opportunities offer strong communication opportunities, making it easier to obtain field information, establish contacts with officials in other departments, and explore the many career options available at the UN.

If you have a desire to help others while you are finding global solutions to complex problems, then working for the UN can be the right decision for you.

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