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Visioneer Scanner

First of all,we have to know ,what is Visioneer Scanner?

Visioneer scanner is a wonderful asset of intellectual pictures creator that provide us a quickest and easiest way to unseal the exceptional information carried in paper. With an exhausted surprise history in scanning, Visioneer gives us experimental and authentic scanning solutions to meet customers’ current business demands and address their digital transformation goals.

Secondly, we have to know, what are the uses of Visioneer Scanner?

  1. Scan documents, receipts, photos, business cards, plastic ID cards.
  2. Scan to smartphone, SD card or USB Flash Drive.
  3. No computer required to scan!
  4. Scan 300 pages per battery charge.
  5. Auto Launch™ – scanning begins as soon as you insert the page.

Visioneer’s product brands – Road warrior, Strobe,    Patriot and Xerox Documate – are an ultimate solution in scanning history and they keep their reputation all around the world. Visioneer gives us strength in the market and make sure that we can cope up with all the documentation challenges, so organizations forward to find the best quality for customer and make them happy.

 They are a trusted partner of customer, who has:

Been in this business about twenty years. So, they have the quality to maintain the good relationship with customer.

Participated in the unique scanner service and standards (e.g. TWAIN Working Group) to give the future of wonderful innovation for customer.

U.S. based service and support that can make a customer associated with them and make the digital lifestyle going.

There are severel parts of Visoneer Scanner. Under below I am discussing about those parts:-

  1. visioneer scanner software : It is exceptional for documents  scanners or with other imaging tools to digitize, create, edit and measure images. Document scanners are appliances that scan two-dimensional (2D) objects and convert them into digital images.

2.  visioneer scanner parts :

3.visioneer scanner for windows 10: For windows 10 it is quite good to use, but sometimes it’s creates some problem with installing.


4.visioneer scanner h60 : The Visioneer Patriot H60is the eventual point-and-click solution that immediately converts paper documents into extreme quality images that are related with most current business plan. With primly small footprint, the scanner fits wonderfully on any desk building it the authentic solution for small and large businesses that have to technologically balance their paper documents. Organizations from banking and accounting, healthcare and legal, to government and manufacturing industries can greatly initiated from all the professional features that are incorporated into this product.


5.Visioneer scanner driver windows 10: When we do update our windows 10 in pc, this scanner created some problem with installing. But, after the installing it’s work really good.


6.visioneer road warrior 4d: We can scan both sides at once: contracts, receipts, financial statements and more. We can Organize our documents and leave the paper behind and share our scans and information via searchable PDF files. Also, it is USB Powered: No AC power connection needed to use the Road Warrior 4D scanner. It is Continuous feed to scan multi pag PDFs Windows and Mac compatible.

7.visioneer color scanner: This scanners can do great color too, and more controls possible. Moreover, like a copy machine, a flatbed scanner ensure you paper scan documents, books, photos, magazines, large maps, or even 3-dimensional objects (those that don’t have a lot of depth, coins for example),etc.


Here the some relevant products those are top listed in amazon.

1.Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner with Document Feeder :



Duplex scanner provide 120-sheet automatic document feeder

★Duty cycle of 10,000 sheets per day; Speedy USB 3.0 porthole

★Quick scans speeds up to 70 ppm/140 ipm at 200 dpi


★The Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner provides a speedy USB 3.0 interface.

★Gives us extra-wide ADF for plane feeding ID cards.

★It’s ideal for small and large business

★This wonderful scanner scans up to 70 pages or 140 pictures per minutes.

★It’s instantly gives you trade mark quality.


 ★Business Card Software only applicable for 20 sheet ADF not for 120-sheet or 80 extra-wide ADF.


2.Visioneer RoadWarrior X3 Document Scanner for PC and Mac


★It can scan business cards, receipts, documents, and handwritten notes.

★Can organize your documents and leave the paper behind.

★Make your scans and information via define PDF files.

★USB Powered: No AC power communication needed



★The Visioneer RoadWarrior X3 is the prime mobile scanning solution for customers who need to scan a wide deference of documents.

★The solution helps companies bring extreme information and disconnected mobile workers together and also improving relation between them and overall business processes.

★ RoadWarrior X3 is a smoth, low-weight portable scanner that is the size of a rolled up magazine, making it easy to pack away in a laptop bag when employees are on the way

★This versatile compact scanner will handle any document up to 8.5″ (216 mm) wide and 32″ (813 mm) long and convert to PDF, JPG and other popular file formats


This is a misleading product in that when you have a mac, you get a very bare bones piece of software that doesn’t even allow multiple page scans

3.Visioneer Patriot Pd40-u Sheetfed Scanner – 600 Dpi Optical – 60-60 – Duplex Scanning – USB


Duplex scanner with 80-sheet self-activating documents

★Scans up to 60 ppm/120 ipm at 200 dpi in difference types of colors or black and white

★Maximum ADF paper size: 9.5 by 118 inches; minimum ADF paper size: 2 by 2.5 inches

★Desktop scanner measures 12.5 by 9.4 by 26.8 inches

★Complete with PC and Mac; daily duty cycle of 6,000 pages



★A small compact scanner that can handle those big jobs.

★You should not think about the size of this scanner ,it seems small but it can handle large multi-page financial documents business reports, , and photos. It is fast, quiet and easy to use.

★The picture quality it produces is excellent. This scanner is great for small as well as large businesses. The set up was easy and to use. It is PC and Apple compatible.


★In some countries the windows system update disables the driver.


4.Visioneer RoadWarrior  Simplex Mobile Document Scanner for PC and Mac, USB Powered Travel Scanner


Quick SCANNING: Simplex scanner: scans in black and white and color

★QUICK ORGANIZATION: Get organized fast by organized converting paper documents into manageable PDF files

★FLEXIBLE MEDIA HANDLING: Scan documents photos, receipts, business cards, and more in color and black/white


★Scan both sides at once: legal notice, receipts, occupational statements and more.

★Organize your documents and leave the paper behind.

★Share your scans and information via searchable PDF files.



★After the updating of windows 10 ,its creates problem to installed for few minutes.


5. Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D Duplex Mobile Scanner


Duplex portable mobile scanner for receipts, ,photos documents.

★Maximum ADF paper size: 8.5 by 32 inches; minimum ADF paper size: 1.5 by 1.5 inches

★Scans at a rate of 8 seconds per page at 300 dpi



Quickly scan contracts,legal and financial statements, and more with the Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D Duplex Mobile Scanner.

★Ideal for mobile professionals workers, this mobile document scanner creates best resolution color scans at a speed of eight seconds per page.

Cons: After 2 years it’s become little bit slow.

6.Visioneer StrobePro Sheetfed Scanner


★It provides color sheet-fed scanner

★300 x 600 dpi resolution

★30-bit pure for 1 billion colors

★Convenient USB can be used; PC and Mac compatible


The Visioneer Strobe Pro5 scanner integrates perpect paper management software with a wonderful sheet-fed color scanner.

★It scans up to 8.5 by 30 inches of paper, so you can create business cards to full-length news columns.


You can properly use it with classic mode but have the problem with OS X.

7.Visioneer Patriot P15 Portable Document Scanner


Duplex portable scanner for documents, s, receipts, photos and more things.

★Maximum ADF paper size: 8.5 by 118 inches; minimum ADF paper size: 2.25 by 2 inches

★It can scans up to 20 ppm/40 ipm at 200 dpi


Quickly scan documents,business cards, plastic ID cards, , and more with the Visioneer Patriot P15 Portable Document Scanner.

Featuring a fully 20-sheet ADF, this duplex scanner scans up to 20 pages or 40 color images per minute at 200 dpi.

Cons:  It’s quite hard to print.


8.Visioneer Strobe 400 Mobile and Desktop Flexibility Duplex Color Scanner


Powered by a USB port, or wall power connector

6 seconds per image in duplex mode speed

★Self applying Crop, Deskew, and Thresholding image-considerable features



Millions of workers defend on PaperPort to save time and money by transforming paper documents into searchable digital documents.

★PaperPort combines the efficiency of document management

Cons: It’s take much time when it is initially installed.

9.Visioneer Strobe XP 450 PDF Hi-Speed Businees Scanner


20 page per minutes simple scans

★Little footprint

★Scans directly to PDF

★TWAIN and Certified ISIS Drivers


Pros: The Strobe XP 450 PDF is the ideal solution for business users who need a fast document scanner with a small footprint.

10.Visioneer (Scanners) Rw3G-Wu Roadwarrior Patriot Prw120


 ★Grayscale Depth: 8-bit

★Optical Resolution: 600 dpi



 ★The Visioneer Roadwarrior 3g Is The specific mobile Scanning Solution For Users Who Need To Scan

★A Wide Variety Of Documents flowless of where They Are.

★Weighing a Little enough than A 12 Oz Bottle Of Water With Dimensions Similar To A Rolled Up Magazine

Cons: It’s quite slow to use, but not so much.


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