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Are you thinking of buying a scanner? Then you have to know how often and what you want to scan? Mainly, these two things will tell that which features will be good for you. Most of the time, people use the scanner to scan documents and photos.

But there are so many scan targets available, such as business cards, bound books, and magazines. Also, scanning is useful to make 3D objects like flowers and coins. Well, you will get different sorts of scanners for a different purpose.

Mostly, there are two types of scanners available. One is a classic flatbed, and another one is a sheet feeder. So, it is vital to know your purpose and what type of work you want to do. Then it will be easy to select a suitable scanner. If you want to know further about the scanner, then read on.

Are You Looking for the Flatbed Scanner?

We have already discussed that there are two types of scanners are available above. Usually, the flatbed scanner is best for simply damaged original and photos. If one wants to create 3D objects and bound material, you have to go for the flatbed scanner.

This scanner comes with a big glass plate where one puts the items like books and photos. However, if you want an original scan without the risk of damage, then the sheet feeder scanner is a good choice for you.

Usually, the sheet feeder scanner comes with one plastic carrier that protects the forms of your desire items. However, you have to ensure high quality and brand new plastic carriers. Otherwise, you will not get the quality scan. Indeed the glass one is far better than the old plastic carrier.

The Sheet Feeder: Are You Searching for It?

Now we will talk about the sheet feeder scanner. Mainly, it is best for daily basis documents scanning. If you need to scan the thick original and around ten pages regularly, then go for the sheet feeder scanner.

Well, there are two sheet feeder scanners available. One is the manual scanner, and the other one is automatic. If you need to do two pages or three simultaneously, you can go for the manual sheet feeder scanner. But if you need to do longer papers daily, then an automatic sheet feeder will be best for you.

The most amazing thing is that it can scan the pile of pages easily. You have to select ADF capacity that depends on the page numbers. Even you will able to add extra pages while scanning. Moreover, some ADFs may handle a pile of cards as well.

Duplex Scanning: Do You Want It?

Do you know what does duplex scanning mean? If the scanner can scan the page’s both sides, then it is called duplex scanning. If you want an ADF daily to work and scan both sides, then a duplex scanner is best for you. Usually, an ADF duplex scanner comes with the duplex manual features. And it has two different scan elements that help to scan two sides at a time. Mostly, it works very fast than the simple duplexing automatic direct feeder. However, this scanner is a little bit costly, but you will get amazing output from it.

Scan Size and Resolution: What is Your Require?

Firstly, we want to say that scanning size and resolution is not an issue. Even, you can get a quality scan from the 200ppi. Moreover, the 300ppi also provide amazing result. Nowadays, it is quite tough to get a 600ppi scanner.

So, the resolution is not a big issue while selecting a scanner for you. Now let’s talk about the scan size. Mostly, picking one scanner that may handle the original size that you want to scan. But if you can easily overlook this issue too.

Most flatbed scanners have a platen (letter-size), but it can be one problem while scanning pages (legal-size). So, our advice is to select a scanner with large flatbeds.

What Software Do You Need?

Usually, the scanners do the scan-related tasks. But some software is available that you can include with any scanner, and you do not need to pay for it. So, you have to select what sort of features you want from the software.

Some software features are OCR, photo editing, make searchable PDF, and text indexing. Also, you will get a card archiving program through the software. So, to make the scanning task easy and fast, you can go for the desired software.

Does One Need a Scanner for Special Purpose?

Last but not least, special purpose scanners are also available in the market. If you want to do a special task like small cards and slides, then a special scanner is right for you.

If you want to scan memory cards and smartphones, then go for an updated portable model. This sort of scanners are portable, lightweight and one can run them without the computer attached.

Moreover, you will get many updated features in one special purpose scanner than the general-purpose one. So, if you want to buy a scanner, then consider the special scanner.

Which Scanner You Should Buy!

Firstly, the AIO printer has in-built scanners with many ADFs, flatbeds, and sheet feeders. All these things can be enough for any light scanning.

But if one wants to get more facilities, then you can go for the special-function scanner. Indeed, several models are available, and you can go for anyone according to your need. However, you have to always keep in mind today’s discussion to select the best scanner.

Final Verdict

We have tried to provide all the details of the different scanners above. And we hope that you have got the clear ideas on various scanners and their ability.

Also, we have talked about software and special-purpose scanner that will ensure your hassle-free and fast scan. Well, we think all the details are enough to select the best scanner for you. So, select a scanner according to your need and budget to enjoy scanning tasks.

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