how old do you have to be to work at famous footwear?

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Many people have a very common question that you need to be the minimum age to work in the famous footwear.

In fact, there are many steps to work on the famous footwear in America. It takes different ages according to different work steps. Let us know today the age steps for the famous brand famous footwear.

Age for Sales

The minimum age for Famous Footwear Sales is 16 years. That’s enough for an American.

Age for marketing

Famous footwear sets the minimum age for a feld marketing officer to be 21 years. Under American law, it matters more or less when he is an expert.

Official Management

Famous Footwear always focuses on quality and good experience for their head office such as Accounts, Management, AGM, GM, S&R Department. You must be at least 30 years old and at most 35 years old.

Hope you got your answer. Famous footwear operates in many countries of the world except America. According to the labor laws of those countries, the age of their job Service is determined in the circular. Since this website is for the whole of America, the age information of the American people for the job of famous footwear is given.

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Last Updated : 04/04/2021

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